I <3 ebay – Gorgeous abayas, scarfs!

I looove ebay, and on this blog I will sometimes post the best finds for us muslim sisters, starting today 🙂

Mkay, normally I would not wear abayas (I tend to dress in egyptian/western style hijab stuff), but for some special occations like eid and such, its just necessary and very elegant too!

My next abaya!

This will be my next abaya. Its very cheap, the seller is willing to tailor a very large size to fit, and its just beautiful. The only minus is that it doesnt come with a matching shayla… Click here to bid!

And then, there are the scarfs! And my new favorites for days I have no energy for fancy-multiscarf-creations; the hijabcap, turban, or what you wanna call it. You just slip it on your head, and it stays in place without giving you a headache (as my “spanish hijab creations” tend to do”)…

Beautiful hijab cap

Smashing! You can buy it here

There is so much more for us sisters on ebay, simply search abaya, hijab, jilbab, scarves or anything else. Im a total addict :S


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4 thoughts on “I <3 ebay – Gorgeous abayas, scarfs!

  1. Celeritas says:

    Fabulous abaya, its great that she will tailor it to size included in that price. Those hijab options are really cute, I haven’t seen a turban with wrap around scarf number that I liked so much!

  2. aisha says:

    That is not how to wear the hijab,wear it propebly or leave it wear the hijab as aisha and khadiija umaahaatul muminiin use to wear.

  3. sabriyyah says:

    I agree this is an outrage… the muslim woman should not be in this type of display. Why would any muslimah want to attract such attention to other than her husband.

  4. Raifa says:

    i love all of the hijabs and abayas but the problem is that it shows the neck and if i have to wear a shirt long that goes up to my neck i rather not wear it but they r all pretty

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