Obama and the hijab issue…

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Obama’s volunteers barring covered women from sitting near him during campaign rallys. As much as it’s sad, I fully understand the volunteers actions. They want him to win. WE WANT HIM TO WIN. Many americans still believe that Obama is a muslim, and although there is nothing wrong with that for muslims or for many others, the average american person might have some difficulties swallowing that belief. Pictures with veiled women will only give a spark to rumors in the eyes of the ignorant. It’s just politics, it ain’t personal. I found some pictures though, where Obama poses with some sisters:

Obama with hijabi

Obama with hijabi 2

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6 thoughts on “Obama and the hijab issue…

  1. raquelevita says:

    This is exactly how I felt about the issue – and no one else I know has agreed with me! Thank so much for this entry and for posting these photos. I wasn’t able to find pictures of him with Muslimahs though I looked. Mashallah good to see you’ve found them!

  2. basbousa says:

    Thank you for commenting on this post. Looks like there are few others that agree too 🙂

  3. ei says:

    I completely disagree. While I recognize that it really is all about being a politician, I think Senator Obama could have handled all of the situations regarding his “Muslim problem” much better. He espouses a vision of inclusiveness and yet has not been careful in his remarks dispelling the claim that he’s a Muslim, turning it into an apparent “smear” on his reputation. I am a supporter of Obama myself, and more than anything else I think he could have used this as a positive opportunity to educate people and gain a moral upperhand. If this were any other faith community that was negatively spoken about, there would have been an uproar – and rightly so. I think we must continue to hold out leaders accountable for the their actions and saying, or else, when will it end? It’s refreshing to see that Obama has recently created a Muslim liaison position on his campaign, I like to think in response to the criticisms of his handling of the situation, and in support of engaging American Muslims around the nation.

  4. Muslim Girl says:

    I agree with ei. If we want him to be our president then as a Muslim community, we need to know if he is capable of handling situations like this. It’s not right to turn a blind eye (even if we want him to win) if it is at our own cost! If someone offends another individual’s religion and free human right than it automatically becomes a personal offense – in fact, it’s worse because this is a political campaign! Who’s to say something like this won’t happen again – perhaps even worse? If a president-to-be is turning away Muslims than it gives other people in authority (bosses, principals, etc) to turn away Muslims for the same reason, which is not acceptable at all. American society needs to come to terms with the fact that not all Muslims are bad people!

    However I can also understand why some people may feel so otherwise.

  5. basbousa says:

    At first, when I heard about this hijab incident I felt very offended. But; it was not Obama that personally asked the hijabis to move away. And; after thinking about it a little, and after seeing some of the crazy reactions people had afterwards (some people linked the banned girls to terrorism, just because they have been active in a Muslim Student Association), I feel that it was kind of a right decission for the volunteers to make. It’s extremely sad that many americans have got this twisted impression of muslims, but that’s how it is. Obama should keep a more open debate about it though. It’s just that he is in a very difficult position, being “accused” for following Islam and everything.

    Believe me, I think it’s so stupid each time I read about him saying I’m not a muslim, in a way that makes muslim seem soo bad. Hopefully after he gets elected (insha’a Allah) he can help fight the misconceptions about muslims and Islam in America today. But till then, using strategy is a good thing!

  6. funkyhijab says:

    This might be off topic but- I have to comment here that the sisters in hijabs really stood out in those pictures. They look like pearls, mashaallah. Especially the sister in yellow hijab, she look so elegant, respectable and BEAUTIFUL. She look like a queen among them. Mashaallah mashaallah

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