Hijab Styling Guide

Hijab Book

I finally got the much anticipated Styling Guide book with step by step illustrations to 57 different hijablooks. I always enjoy getting inspired to try out new stuff, so the book was great like that. But MY MY MY how the stylist did the models makeup :O Thats too much, even for me…. And Im no saint when it comes to makeup. That was too much to even be pretty, more than Haifa and all those girls… Well.

I would really reccomend you to check out this book though. It has a lot of different turban-styles, so you better be into that… Get it here, from ebay. Enjoy, I sure did!

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4 thoughts on “Hijab Styling Guide

  1. biges says:

    she don,t look as a muslim…

  2. wissem says:

    j’aime le stile de cette hijabe

  3. wissem says:

    je voudais achetè comme cette livre pour prendre le hijabe comme cette photos ohibo el hijabe bi hada stile
    and i want send me this books thenk’s

  4. amina says:

    i would love to buy this book. Is it available in south africa. i haven’t come across any hijaab style bokks here. does anyone know where in johannesburg south africa i can find one. in particular this one.

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