Suntan Set

While orange isn’t my best color, I still love it. Its wearable if I just add a lot of another color as well, here that color is white. What I don’t like about polyvore is that I can’t make fancy, egyptian-style hijab creations with it… And as a matter of fact, the way you do your hijab is half the outfit. I’m gonna have to work on getting some hijab scarf styles up on the page, just give me some time.

And to sisters that came further in modest dressing than me, please don’t freak out about the earrings, I know “that’s not hijab”, but this blog is gonna reflect my style, and you don’t see me go out without earrings… 🙂 Don’t hate, please. And to other sisters, its not reccomended to wear earrings…

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3 thoughts on “Suntan Set

  1. Naeemah says:

    Lovely outfit! I couldn’t help but smile at the earrings part;) Actually, there is a way to wear hijab with earrings and still be properly covered. I’d say just make sure the neck is covered properly (a turtleneck will do the trick) and just wear an underscarf so your ears are covered, and Voiala!lol It’s do-able ya’ll.;D

  2. basbousa says:

    I know, I always do turtleneck and tight spanish hijab/turban-style stuff, with my ears more or less invisible, but still I think its not all good? Well it would be better for me to think that its all good though… 😛

  3. Naeemah says:

    Yea, I’ll admit the undercap tends to slip off the ears a lot…;) making it not totally covered correctly

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