Swimming anyone??

More than 1 year and 7 months after I finally put my hijab on, I still didn’t find a way to go swimming and still look properly covered and cool. That means no swimming for me… How I wish we had female beaches like at the north coast in Egypt everywhere….

More and more of the women in Turkey cover up at the beach:

Muslim bathingsuit

Read more about that here.

What do you think? Not to be mean, but this number looks like a rainsuit-something! I wish they could make something a little more stylish and a little less expencive…

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9 thoughts on “Swimming anyone??

  1. Naeemah says:

    Girl, I just went swimming yesterday!!!:D It’s not that hard, but I admit I don’t like swimming around a whole bunch of ppl- Just the smirks I get from the girls in bikinis…I don’t have time for that nonsense!lol, but there is a pool in my complex I go to often. It’s mostly empty;) I just wear black pants (Swim material) and a white long sleeve shirt with a cotton Amira hijab.

  2. basbousa says:

    Lucky you 😛 What are you swimming in when outside the complex?

  3. Naeemah says:

    I wear the same thing, the one in my complex is outdoors.

  4. nido says:

    I found a link to your blog on one of the blogs I read…I would like to recommend http://www.primomoda.com for a suitable and a comfortable swimming suit! I got one myself and I just love it and I wear it wherever I want:)
    I posted about it once I got it last year…I still enjoy swimming:)

  5. ange says:

    omg that is so ugly. she looks like an astronaut.
    she must be on some sort of space mission

  6. mary says:

    i’m having the same dillema 😦 I turned down a week-long vacation at the beach because I don’t feel comfortable as a hijabi at the beach yet. i suppose it’s a stupid insecurity on my part as a new hijabi, but i wish some clothing designers would help us out with reasonable looks! i would never feel comfty appearing in some sort of scuba suit!!

  7. khaleejia says:

    salam sis.first time i am on your blog and would like to tell u abt my swimming suit. actually i combined it myself. its black colore that has advantages when its wet color stays the same;) abt detaile its long leggins(tight) a strech cotton body-shirt and a shiffon black scarf that i tight on my hips that give a skirt look. and hijab is just black simple shayla. and all my friends some are not muslims said to me that look very nice! when i go to the beech i just put over my swimming suit abaya and as soon as i rich the place i just take it off and voila i am ready to swimm.

  8. basbousa says:

    Naeemah, Nido, and Khaleejia, thank you so much for the advices! I think I have to try some of it out soon!!!

  9. I went to the primomoda site and some of the swimsuits are lovely! But none of them come in my size. This is always the case for me when I shop for modest clothes! There are plenty of horrid immodest plus-size clothes but I guess only short, thin ladies dress modestly? hahahaha!

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