Pretty pictures

Although this is not real hijab, I find the pictures inspiring. Those pretty printed silk scarves are fab for a very simple, yet stylish spanish hijab style, we will just need to hide out ears some more and add a turtleneck…..

PRETTY!!!! I like the last one the most.

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5 thoughts on “Pretty pictures

  1. Amelita says:

    These styles are hot!

  2. Celeritas says:

    V cute, where are they from?

  3. basbousa says:

    Uhm, Celeritas, I’m so sorry, I have no idea, I found them on a fashion forum on the hijab thread ( yes, people are actually very interested in hijab and wearing hijab there, for the sake of fashion 🙂 ).. Sorry!

  4. Cable Ties says:

    sooooooo Hot !!!!!!

  5. Cvetomira says:

    any instructions hwo to m ake hijab looks like the last photo here?

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