What’s inside?

This is old, but fun. Seems to be a trend in the gulf these days.. Stuffing your hijab to get a conehead-look.

So, what’s in there?

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9 thoughts on “What’s inside?

  1. Naeemah says:

    Lol, I think making a bump under your hijab THAT HIGH looks a bit weird!;D But all I do is take a long shayla/underscarf and wrap it in a bun underneath my hijab/niqab. It creates a bit of volume without making me look like an alien, lol:)

  2. basbousa says:

    Really? I do exactly the same thing, hihi!

  3. m says:

    an oversized pin, with feathers and artificual flowers etc. Dubai is full of them, in the folk shops, and the smaller stores!

  4. Alixianna says:

    It is how you wear your hair underneath though some khaleeji sis’s use jumbo hair clips if they don’t have the hair.

  5. Habayeb says:

    Actually i have very long hair AND i use those jumbo hair clips as well. But the bump doesnt come as that huge lol mine looks just fine.

  6. basbousa says:

    I think the bump on the back of the head is fine… But on the top like that? No way! I don’t understand this trend..

  7. Shumi says:

    Hehe, its true, though, some women take it too far.
    It gives them an Amy Winehouse look.
    -Not Good-

  8. moroccanone says:

    oh!! ther is Amy winehouse !!

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