All those editorials!

I’m sure you have seen/posted most of these editorials earlier. But I want to post all of it all together. Isn’t it funny how the hijab and niqab can feel threatening to some people, but at the same time the fashion industry loves us? Ps! Some of these pictures might show a little more skin than neccessary and/or non-hijabi poses…

Bon Magazine:

I love these pictures, I even have a censored version as my header 😛

 I have no Idea which magazine the next editorial is from:



Niqabi High Fashion from Libération Magazine:

I find these pictures sooo elegant, but I think they overdid it on the eyemakeup. Well, after all, it’s high fashion..

Mecca Stars from Marie Claire:

I know y’all seen these pictures, but they are soooo fashionable, I can’t help posting.

And last, an editorial from a swedish magazine (I had to cut some of the pictures, too much skin,sorry):

Pheeewwww! Finally finished. So which editorial do you like the best?

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15 thoughts on “All those editorials!

  1. Aside from the makeup and the eh… “come hither” sexy looks on the faces, a lot of those hijab outfits are lovely! My favorite is the “Niqabi High Fashion from Libération Magazine.” I really like the veil that goes over the face. When I lived in Bahrain I saw a lot of women in black dresses (abaya??) and bare faces but then they would pull a veil down so that only their eyes showed ~ or sometimes nothing showed ~ and I envied them for having such freedom to cover up! I’ve always loved the abaya (I hope I’m using the right term?? Black outter cloak-like-thing) and the burqua and also that naqibi veil… If I didn’t live in such a small isolated place I’d wear them myself!! I love living in the country but… it has its ups and its downs. Cities afford a bit more anonimnity or however you spell that word ~ you know, you’re much less known by all!! I *have* purchased some lovely Christain bonnets but personally I would like more coverage of my face and neck WITHOUT the harassment and discrimination that comes with it.

  2. basbousa says:

    I’m happy to hear about women of other religions that want to veil for the sake of their religion and modesty. That’s very inspiring! Good luck converting your farm to an organic farm 🙂

  3. Alixianna says:

    I love the Lib one and MC best (since I dress that way) but the LV scarf pic, I’ve never seen that one before: D

  4. Celeritas says:

    I like the tesettür style scarf in the Sweedish editorial but its a definite hijab no-no as it has the obvious image of an animal, a horse on the top of the head. Muslims are discouraged from wearing images of humans or animals on their clothing which are obvious, the Ralph Lauren pony is about as large as you can get.

  5. Mina says:

    Oh wow…

    I love all of them, espicially the first 2 very elegant
    and I would say the others are very daring and bright Mashallah.

    Love your blog keep them posts coming.

  6. Aisha says:

    I think these pictures are a disgrace to people that actually wears niqab/hijab for a reason. This is haram and fitnah, nothing else…. sad actually…

    But I can see that they are beautiful, that’s just not the point… I hope Allah will forgive them Bi’ithnillah…

  7. basbousa says:

    I agree that the pictures show a lot of skin and not-modest expressions. But still it’s a positive thing that the fashion world is turning towards east for inspiration. You might remember the hijab ban in France, there has been similar debates in many other european countries. I think that this is just to make a statement, to mock those people that want to ban this. That’s my take. We can’t act like everything is HARAAM. I would breathe haraam air if that was so, because I live in a western country. We have to see steps like this as positive, even if it’s a small babystep. I’m sure they didn’t make those editorials to mock us muslims.

  8. Mina says:

    Well said sis
    I couldnt agree with you more.

  9. basbousa says:

    Thanks, Mina. I just feel like it’s time to unite, not make differences and distance bigger…

  10. Amelita says:

    Lovely editorials, I, as a non-muslim, think they look inspiring. Consider it a good thing! The west seems to be more willing to accept hijabs, and this is a proof of that. The person who didn’t like these pictures, saying it was “haraam” – isn’t it a good thing that our cultures are getting closer to one another?

  11. Dreeda says:

    Your Hijab pics have got some sexually oriented message, don’t you agree with me!

  12. basbousa says:

    I wrote in the text that some of the pictures show much skin and that some of the poses are NOT hijab-friendly. This is from high-fashion magazines, not islamic fashion magazines. It’s inspiration, but not an example to follow…

  13. Miss SLY! says:

    Great Post! and I like your last comment/response.
    The Fashion industry definitely draws its inspiration from many sources whether it be religion, culture etc…in a way, it broadens our view on the world.
    LOVE !!

  14. Nabila says:

    Lol this totally weird, i died laughing at their expressions though.i dress likt the girl with the sunglasses and the yellow handbag.that pic was totally except the front of my hair is covered.some of these pix are super lovely 🙂

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