My beautiful saffron abaya

I featured this abaya in one of my previous outfit sets, but wasn’t able to provide the link, because I bought it myself. Now the seller has put another one out for bidding here.

This abaya comes with matching shayla (scarf) and niqab (face veil), and beautiful as it is, with the starting bid at only $9.99, it’s really a steal. And as a extra bonus, like our sister Alixianna pointed out; for women, dressing in saffron colors is sunna (the prophet’s wifes did so).

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3 thoughts on “My beautiful saffron abaya

  1. Celeritas says:

    Mashallah, so beautiful!

  2. What a lovely color! I’ve always thought that the color of saffron beautifully celebrates God’s creation of the sun.

    I was thinking as I looked at the picture of this abaya that when I lived in Bahrain I would wear some of the Bahraini abaya as well as the punjabi suits (Salwar kameez?) of the Pakastani style. If I wore such clothes once, why can’t I wear them still? Even if people should stare and laugh… they stare and laugh anyway when I wear my bonnets and my modest dresses so what is the difference?

    The only problem is… I am plus size and I am also pregnant and I cannot seem to find any abaya that will fit me hahaha! Just my luck!

  3. basbousa says:

    I think you would look great in abayas, I think it looks even better on curvey women. I found this
    , thats some other christian women that like the idea of modest clothing

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