Old news – The muslim woman cafe/shop/beauty salon.

Sister Ange at Hegab Rehab posted something today about Sabaya, a combined saloon, cafe and shop only for women, that made me remember an incidence last year that sparked a lot of controversy. This is old news, but I didn’t own a blog back then, and I want to hear your opinions about it.

In 2007 many received a chain mail promoting veiled egyptian actress Hanan Turk’s combined cafe/shop/beauty salon.

The mail went like this;

At last a place where Muslim GIRLZ can hang out

Sabaya is a very nice place . .
nice food and drinks . .
no music played . .
entrance is only allowed for females
so it’s is really safe for montaqebat . .

it’s owned by Hanan Tork . . and Ahmad El Sakka’s wife ( Mohammad El So3′ayyar’s daughter ) . .

so . . it’s a cafe and hairdresser . . and also they sell mo7aggabat stuff . . praying carpets . . and gifts :))


Address: 6 Meet 3′amr street . . Midan Safir . . Masr El Gedida.
if u know the street that has Cook Door / McDonald’s / Oriflame /Smiley’s ) . . it’s behind McDonald’s . . when u see McD . . go right. . then left . . Sabaya will be on ur left . . isA

Tel: 2240 2223 – 2240 2229

Advantges of SABAYA café
– You have the freedom of taking your veil/neqab off.
2- Meeting muslim girls who are willing to get closer to Allah.
3- Increasing your ’so7ba sale7a circle’.
4-Getting the opportuinity of being inspired by real stories by the same girls you meet.
5-You can have parties.
6-Learn how to shun sin…since You won’t be exposed to songs or movies JUST CARTOONS AND RELIGIOUS SHOWS.
7- Get to meet Hanan Turk. heheheheheheheheheheheh
8-Enjoy the feeling that you’r making everything which is not allowed outdoors and Allah won’t be mad at you :D..

P.S. Attending sabaya will be very useful from both the life and religious prespective, since YOu will be helping in changing the wrong perceptions about both Neqabis/ Hegabis that were already inheritied ages ago.

Help in renewing a new age of respectful, effective, lively , happy with their commitment to Islam ) EGYPTIAN LADIES. ) nOthing is impossible.. May Allah grant us His Mercy and sincerity –
– First please Don’t invite Christian girls , because they aren’t
allowed to the place.. Second inform all your friends that if the number of visitors increased remarkably in the coming year..inshAllah next year they may be able to open a branch in mohandesen or down town ..We ARE IN DIRE NEED OF A PLACE THAT CONTAINS US ‘NEQABIS’ OR ‘HEGABIS’ SO PLEASE THINK BEFORE U GO ANYOTHER CAFE ;)

The reason this mail sparked controversy and set the egyptian blog society on fire was that they specified that no christian women were allowed. Also people started talking about them not allowing muslims that doesn’t veil inside. Now I don’t know about the last thing, I wanted to visit to see it, but I never got the chance when I was living there. But it states clearly that christians are not allowed, even though this might have changed, it looks like that from Ange’s blog post…

What do you ladies think?

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5 thoughts on “Old news – The muslim woman cafe/shop/beauty salon.

  1. Alixianna says:

    I don’t like that they said women of another faith weren’t allowed in. A salon just for women is great, but what is that saying about Islam? That we are exclusive? Islam is a message for everyone, not just those already Muslim. There is dawah in seeing Muslim women being themselves just as there is in seeing how they pray. I became a Muslim because the girls in Oman weren’t “exclusive” in their daily lives with me—they were willing to tell and show me just about anything. They didn’t say, you can’t come to this place because you aren’t Muslim. That might have been such a negative experience for me that I might have stayed away from learning more about Islam. I might have concluded, even after hearing the beautiful cry of the adhan, that Islam is only for Arabs, and those they marry, not anyone else. That is not what the Sahaba taught.

  2. basbousa says:

    Same here, I think it’s great that it’s made especially for people that are veiled so that they have a place to go if they want to avoid mixed cafees. However, like you said, christians should be allowed in as well. I had some christian friends in Cairo that were actually very into Islam and had only muslim friends. I don’t think they would like this at all, it would probably just make differences bigger between us, which is not good.

    “One catches more flies with hunny than with vinegar”, right? Don’t think I’m comparing people to flies, though 🙂

  3. I think Hanan Turk’s idea of this cafe/salon/shop is fantastic but the “no Christians allowed” and possibly also, “no unveiled women allowed” shows that somewhere along the line she lost the plot and her cafe/salon/shop became rather elitist. (Did I spell that right??)

    First of all, it’s blatantly obvious that if this cafe place exists for a specific purpose, and it unapologetically sticks to that purpose without waivering, then those who are not interested in that purpose will eventually not bother coming back. (That would include women of other faiths and also unveiled women.) I mean, that’s just human nature! Why bother hanging out with people with whom you do not share a common interest??

    However, those women of other faiths/unveiled women who *do* keep coming back… who knows what God is working inside of their hearts, in seceret and unseen by the other women around them? More then likely if Christians or unveiled women kept coming back then the cafe/salon/shop has obviously planted seeds into their hearts and God is nurturing those seeds through the other veiled Muslim women in the establishment. Perhaps before one can revert to Islam or become a hijabi, they must first spend an amount of time with these things coming to maturation within their hearts and minds. It might take years before these ones veil or revert… but the opportunity to learn and to grow was there in that cafe/shop/salon!

    Sadly, if unveiled women and women of other faiths are barred from this cafe/shop/salon then this opportunity is lost and perhaps as the years pass so will the various women who *would* have reverted or taken up external hijab … who knows, they might fall away from their faiths completely, both Islam and Christianity, because they were forbidden to join the veiled Muslim ladies who could have shown them and taught them so much. We never know when God is using us to work something in another person’s heart and soul and mind!!

    Well, anyway, that’s my humble opinion. Back to cleaning the house!!

  4. Hisham says:

    Hanan Turk is a hypocrite if she doesn’t allow Christians nor unveiled women! Lets think with brains (if she got any) what if the Christian or the unveiled Muslim girl wants to meet Muslims girls and hear good stories??

    GOD is this even legal????

  5. haneen S. Ali says:

    i..think..its..an..amazing..idea..at..last..some..freedom.and..by..the..way..thnx..4..this..remarkable..website..its..really..great..the..different..hijab..styles..makes..you..love..your..religion..more..and..more..and..seriously..thank..god..we..r..MUSLIMS.. : )

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