Hijab Styles – Requested by Alixianna

I posted some pictures of my fave hijab tie styles from Marwa Hamed’s Hijab Style Guide some time back. Unfortunately I don’t have a scanner, so I posted the pictures very small because of bad picture quality…. Well, here the pictures are again; much bigger than earlier, with four new styles added. Enjoy, and do click on the thumbnails to get a bigger view!

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Sorry for the flash making some parts of the pictures difficult to see.

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9 thoughts on “Hijab Styles – Requested by Alixianna

  1. Alixianna says:

    Jazzakallah kheir again dear. Masha’Allah, so many style with a little more neck coverage : I need that.

  2. *~Ange~* says:

    can u buy this book from a shop in egypt? i have a friend coming from there soon and i want to know if she can buy it for me or not..

  3. basbousa says:

    Sure you can, it’s made by an egyptian hijab stylist, Marwa Hamed, so I’m sure they sell it for nothing in the streets or bookstores of Cairo 🙂

  4. nadyah says:

    salam aleykum wr wb i want to thak you for this pictures are so beautiful and we need it because i live in a europe country and i must learn more how to wear hijab and all the time i need to change my hijab in some new because people non muslim to see islam is like a flower and womens are happy and have a good clothes insha Allah i wait more news about this pictures thank you salam aleykum wr wb barak allahu feeky

  5. rana says:

    plz plz plzzzzzzzzzz we neeeeed more hejab styles for swareh occasions plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its important. and thank u soo much really for your samples, we really need more .

  6. […] new never hurts, I give you four more new ways to tie your hijab. You can view the previous posts here and here. Enjoy, and as before, click the thumbnails for a bigger […]

  7. Iaz Abdul Cader says:

    Masha Allah, its soo nice to find ways to tie the Hijab
    instead of the old standard ways,

    Thank you
    Ma Salaam

  8. Zia says:


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