Purple Passion

I have a passion for purple, I love dressing up, and I adore gold and bling. For dressing up with a western style dress, I almost always wear my hijab in a spanish hijab style tie, with some exciting details and maybe a matching flower in it. I find that more elegant for this dressed up look than the bumpy normal tie over this one. Remember to use a turtleneck in a nice material, it has to look good with the dress.

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova allready pulled of this look

What do you think about layering when dressing up?

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9 thoughts on “Purple Passion

  1. Celeritas says:

    Seeing that pic of Natalia shows it can be done, normally if I was to dress up I would always wear an embroidered abaya or caftan and wouldn’t think of layering. Now I think I could try it but I’d stick with wider than thin sleeves or straps.

  2. Amelita says:

    Natalia works it well, she always looks great, this is no exception (:

  3. Alixianna says:

    I’ve worn this on occasion, and it good in large spaces but not for small, hot ones. Too sweaty LOL. But a steamy kind of glam right? LOL

  4. I love layering! It adds so much fun to modesty! And that purple dress is to die for!!!!! But that supermodel lady needs to EAT something! She looks absolutely emaciated!! There’s a point when women can be far too thin and they don’t look healthy but starved instead. It’s ironic that we spend money to feed starving women in poor countries… but we applaud starving women on the fashion runways… **Scratching Head In Confusion** Since when did God ever say, “Thou shalt purposefully starve thyself for fashion…” ??

  5. basbousa says:

    Yup, most models are just too shapeless, I don’t know why people strive to look like living skeletons.. But I don’t think she is very skinny compared to the rest? Most models would be better off with a little bit more on the backside and on the front.

  6. Hayah says:

    I like this look. Like Celeritas said, the important thing is that the dress has wide straps, just like the picture. Off-the-shoulder, spaghetti straps and strapless dresses look sooooo tacky when layered.

  7. Mina says:

    Gorgoues I love it
    I have a similar dress in green and I love wearing it in the summer
    while layering it with a long sleeved top undernearth and cute matching hijab big sunglasses and a large bag —- then your all set:P

  8. Alixianna says:

    Coffee-catholic: I am one of those women who has to try very hard not to have her bones stick out, and my mother has been all her life a very tiny eighty-five pounds. She is shorter than the model of course. People tease people who are considered over-weight, and they tease skinny girls too. I have to eat a larger pizza by myself every night if I want to keep the same weight on as all my friends, so I simply do not do that (very often: D). I just want to point out, some women are tiny, so one shouldn’t point them out as annorexic nless they know the signs of annorexia. I had some non-muslim bestfriends who starved themselves because they thought they were fat and it IS more than the media. It is an urge to feel loved becaus of something they do not have in their own lives (something I have never seen a believing woman face). Most of them had fathers who left them, or problems cmpeting for boys at school, or not the right kind of spport from sincere feminine friendship. It is alot more than fashion, from one who had to see some very beautiful women makes themselves horribly sick.

  9. summaya says:

    Slms I wonder if you can help me I have recently converted to islam and I have to attend a muslim wedding in a few months time and I have no idea what I can wear as I don’t want to wear the normal abaya. Pleas help!

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