Winter hijab – What do you think about this?

A sister sent me a link to this:


I don’t know what I really feel about it… It reminds me of something woolen my mom put on my head when I was 5 years old and wanted to play in the snow! Anyway, it should keep your ears warm for winter… And although I wouldn’t wear it myself, I could see that there is a possibility to make it look good. What do you think? Hot or Not?

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11 thoughts on “Winter hijab – What do you think about this?

  1. Arabista says:

    Definitely NOT!!

  2. Celeritas says:

    Not my thing, I might wear pashmina as hijab in the winter but i think a close fitting al-amira like this would be too hot. But if you lived somewhere sub-zero and worked outfit it would make sense.

  3. Alixianna says:

    If you have to work outside in below temps, sure, otherwise, it’s a not.

  4. *~Ange~* says:

    i like the material, but the design is fugly.
    its so unattractive…

  5. Living where I live, with up to 100 mile per hour wind (complete with sideways rain…) for most of the winter I’d deffinately wear that … but I’d rather it looked a lot less “Bride of Frankenstein” hehehehe!

  6. Mina says:

    OH NO
    it looks hidious lol…
    I think if I lived in the north pole or something then yh
    but you wouldnt catch me wearning that:P

  7. Naeemah says:

    That is one ugly hijab!!lol, I’ll stick with my pashminas for the winter!:)

  8. nesli d. says:

    NOT! its ugly

  9. Louise says:

    Yes, please. I think it looks really cool and would work for a colder climate.

  10. Sana says:

    If the material was different, then it’d be great!

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