The return of the headscarf

Designers agree; one of this fall’s important accessories is the headscarf (or hijab). “We wanted to revamp the headscarf,” explains Domenico Dolce, “give it a new life and introduce it to a younger generation. Our aim was to give it a modern and cool twist.” Read the full article here.

“I do think we will be seeing a fair amount of headscarves around over the next few months,” says Gaia Geddes, executive fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar.

So the hijab goes mainstream. What do you think about that?

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7 thoughts on “The return of the headscarf

  1. Arabista says:

    I think the fashions in those pictures look like Russian Baboshkas- not a good look! Egyptian and Khaleeji fashionistas have a lot to teach western fashion houses when it comes to hijab 🙂

  2. I can’t help but agree with the article about how the head scarf is creeping its way back into fashion because, as they wrote, “…a new sense of chastity in fashion…” Even though we still have lots of women dressing like prostitutes there is deffinately a cultural counter-revolution taking place as women finally begin to realize that exposing themselves like harlots has not givien them as much joy and hapiness as they were told they would achieve.

    However, the author of the article struck me as very snobby and stuck-up. I mean, sure ~ she doesn’t have a thing for baboshka-style head scarves but that doesn’t mean she has to looke down so much on those who wear babushka-styile scarves. For example she writes, “So, will this strange amalgam of royal homeliness, Muslim chic and proletarian pretence ever take off?” and: “Come autumn, will we be seeing women ambling down high streets or queueing at the cold meat counter in Waitrose, looking like Russian peasants?” (Such a snoot! Too good for her own good I guess…)

    Also, the idea that “Sociologically, it’s about escapism” also bugged me! I don’t like it when people try to psycho-anaylize other people based on externals. Not everyone that wears a head scarf is engaged in escapism!

    I also see a lot of disregard for older aged women in this article. You know: wearing a head scarf makes you look old (OH NO NOT THAT). (“I would advise a black, short-sleeved polo-neck and sleek, tailored black trousers if you are going to wear one; certainly nothing like a tweed jacket, which would be too ageing.”)
    **Sigh** When are people going to return to respecting their elders and growing old with dignity rather then trying to look like they are 20 years old until the day that they die??

    Anyhoo, I think that it doesn’t matter how “fashionable” headscarves become… if you wear them for modesty because you love God, rather then fashion, you’ll always be looked at as stupid and silly ~ and “oppressed.”

  3. Mina says:

    I love my hijab and forever will be Alhamdulilah
    but I don’t like how these fashion BIG names (houses) are demoralazing the meaning of the hijab (headscraf). The hijab is there for a reason and fashion is defintly not one of them…
    I think its a bloody disgrace and I sometimes they are taking advantage and using it in the wrong way….Maybe sending the wrong messege:(
    and the younger generation are taking it in a bad way (thinking its a fashion accessorie or something)…SHAME SHAME WALAHI!!!
    Muslimah’s should be proud they are one of the believing and feel a strong connection towards ALLAH whos power is great and not see a down fall towards that and feel disencouraged as to why they should wear the hijab, or encouraged to wearing it coz its the latest fashion trend Subhanallah!
    One of the main reason’s should be coz your love for ALLAH is pure and you wanna be modest pure and simple — no hidden intentions.

  4. khaleejia says:

    last time i noticed that entire world seems like seeking for ways to become more religious and bring the modesty back. celebrities started appear in public covered with shaylas (cameron dias) to look different from others. so that would be nice addition to all this movement to make top designers create new collections with main detail of modesty – headscarf. dont u think so?

  5. basbousa says:

    I sure think so Khaleejia 🙂 Modesty is the best trend.

  6. nesli d. says:

    i like this idea…hehe..western woman wearing a head-scarfe 🙂 but nobody can beat our style ladys..

  7. Tonje says:

    I sometimes wear headscarfs. The “girl way”, not the “boy way”. Not together with miniskirts (that I actually don`t have anyway), but when it fits nice together with a dress or whatever i`m wearing

    I don`t thimk it SHAME ON ME for doing that even thougt i`m a christian and not a muslim woman.

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