Hegab Magazine July/August issue

Yaaaay! Today I received the newest issue of the egyptian hijab magazine. Many nice outfits, although I was more impressed by the dressed up looks than the casual looks this time around. I’m just wondering; where are the hijab step-by-step tie guide they used to have in each issue before???

Anyway, here are my favorite outfits;

Some of the dresses/galabiyas/abayas were absolutely stunning, but my favorite casual look is the 5th picture with the orange, loose top. What do you think?

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20 thoughts on “Hegab Magazine July/August issue

  1. khaleejia says:

    abt me i like more the pic where black and white dress ( before the last one.) is it still actual this season?

  2. My favourites are pictures number 4, 6, 10, and 12! So lovely! How do the women create such multi-layered hijabs??

    And… where do you get this Hijab magazine?!

  3. basbousa says:

    Khaleejia; should be this season, this magazine is the JULY/AUGUST current issue.
    Coffee Catholic: Ebay, thats why I love it, you can get anything from there… http://cgi.ebay.com/Hijab-Fashion-Magazine-July-August-2008-Issue_W0QQitemZ330248621767QQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116

  4. basbousa says:

    Coffe Catholic; I’m planning on making a few hijab tie guides soon. Just keep checking in 🙂

  5. Naeemah says:

    Wow! These outfits are sooo pretty!!!

  6. Habayeb says:

    i love that 5th pic too! the jalabiyas are sooooo amazing too!

  7. Dreeda says:

    You have a great taste, many wonderful Hijab Fashion ideas, God bless sister!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. pinkyhijabi says:

    asalam alaikum sisters

    alhumdulillah i received my copy today of hijab fashion here in the uk and it is absolutely gorgeous. the styles and fashion in it are a great way of getting ideas.

    wa salam

  9. Oh… I can’t use Ebay. 😦

  10. basbousa says:

    Coffee Catholic, it’s not difficult to use, but you can also buy it from http://www.2hijab.com/hijab_fashion_magazine_july_august_2008.asp

    Pinkyhijabi, Wa alaikum as salam, welcome to my site.

  11. Arabista says:

    Wow! I have exactly the same outfit as the bottom left one! I never thought I was so fashionable :-p

  12. basbousa says:

    Lucky you. It’s beautiful!

  13. Elyse says:

    I love LOVE love the second one in the top row and the first one in the bottom row. So cute!

  14. Tonje says:

    Number 10, the light purple was really beautiful. I could have worn an outfit like that, and then I would have felt like a princess.

  15. Beautiful Muslimah a.k.a Pixie says:

    Jazaks for the pics!!!!!!!!!! I love them.

  16. We at Queen Sheba Village love the colorful feminine garments . My favorite is the dark brown flowing gown one. It is gorgeous!

  17. hijabi says:

    Salam…..i really love all the designs especially the last pink one…

  18. almozz says:

    salam this hijabs are very beautyful.where can i get them?? i’m livin in germany and the next month i need such hijabs,plz helppp

  19. tata says:

    its all really really nice. so happy found this web :))
    im from jakarta, Indonesia.

  20. jamelah says:

    Assalmu alaikum… i would just like to say thank you soo much for having a blog like this… this would really hel muslim young ladies to wear hijab at all times.. am a muslim from philippines and i’ve been searching for a fashionable way of wearing hijab and corporate it with my office get up and i just found ways how to do it.. so now i just need stuffs and more practise to have diff style on wearing it.. its so fun that i can practise the religion and be fashionable at the same time! ALLAH bless you more!

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