Swimsuits for hijabis

I had a post some weeks back with a picture of a woman swimming in an islamic swimsuit (looked like a space suit to quote one of my readers)… Now I found a great post on Talking virtually to myself, with reviews of a lot of different swimsuits for us hijabis, and where to get it.








Personally, I still didn’t see “islamic” swimwear that fit my taste. I’m going for the tip from one of my dear readers; Long, solid black tights, a pink dress that reaches to my mid calf and a black hijab. Hihi!

What do you prefer?

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16 thoughts on “Swimsuits for hijabis

  1. Mina says:

    Cute I like Hasema the lil black 1.

  2. Habayeb says:

    i already got mine from Mycozzie a few months back! 😀 I love mine, i dun wear it to the beach but to going for swimming but heyyyy Hasema looks hot!

  3. Habayeb says:

    oops swimming in a club i meant.

  4. posmena says:

    Salaam Aleykum
    Important information! The best place to buy the Burqini from is here:

    – modestswimsuits.co.uk

    Shipping Worldwide

    You can pay in a choice of currency, and their is a choice of language and payment methods (PayPal / Google Checkout) There is also a chat forum now too!!
    See you there, insh’Allah

  5. posmena says:

    Sorry, I don’t know if my post worked, because it had HTML in it. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that the best place to come and discuss Hijab Swimsuits is here on our new forum modestswimsuits.co.uk and we also have a shop where you can buy the Burqini in a choice of currency and languages.
    It is really new, and really great, so see you there, Insh’Allah (sorry if you get this twice!
    Salaamz sisterz!!!

  6. washatawa says:

    Have you seen this site, modestswimsuits.co.uk
    it is ace!
    They are selling the Burqini, they have all different styles and colours

  7. irem says:

    Hi hi

    I dont i have to write english or norwegian but i can try to write english 🙂 i am not that god to write english. i have my self a swimming clothes which i bought in turkey ( i am actually from turkey but living in norway). i’m using when i’m swimming and it’s really easy the move in the water. you can visit this webpage: http://www.hasema.com/b2c/categories.asp?catcode=737&Type=ProductList&mcat=hasema&MainCategory=737&SubCategory=

    Resten kan æ skrive sikkert på norsk 🙂 æ ska på ferie snart og da ska æ bruke det. veldig lett å ha på seg og ikke tungt på vannet hvis du skjønner ka æ mener. nå ska æ på et ferie plass i tyrkia der kvinner og mannfolk er atskilt når det gjelder svømming. ska bli brun i år 🙂

    lykke til med websiden og veldig glad for at noen tar hensyn til sånne ting 🙂

  8. basbousa says:

    Irem 🙂 Thanks for the tip and thanks for visiting my site!

    Heldige deg! Jeg er spøkelseshvit for øyeblikket! Må ta meg en tur til Egypt og kvinnestrendene snart!!!

    Have a great vacation!

  9. fatima says:

    I love the mycozzie. very beautifull

  10. Salam Sisters,

    Wondering why muslim swimwear suppliers are largely engaged in money ripping which prevent active muslimahs from buying it. Can they make it more affordable? I think they can. indonesia based ZEHBA is selling a Muslim swimwear for much lesser price than many.


  11. fatima says:

    Sisters… I just bought mycozzie swimsuit on the web.
    It now has a shelf bra… brilliant design and very comfortable to wear. went to water aerobics and all the ladies asked for the designer… will send pics of me enjoying the sea in egypt later this month.

  12. Kelly says:

    Salaam sisters! Earlier this year I wanted to buy an Islamic swimsuit, but they were normally well over a hundred dollars, shipped from overseas, or not very comfortable looking so I decided to start selling them in North America. Right now I have a contest which ends later this month, to give away Islamic swimwear for free. Anyhow, my website is http://www.alsharifa.com

    Oh, and I also give free shipping!

    so, let’s see

    free shipping…check

    See you at the pool!

  13. Noura says:

    I like the AquaGym

  14. Aishah says:

    I bought 1 swimsuit from Ruby’z Enterprise at http://www.rubyzent.com
    it is very comfortable and affordable. I like the design too (woman black stripes).

  15. Khaddija says:

    I don’t feel it’s necessary to go overboard with these suits. I just wear quick-dry fabric long or long-capri pants, a long-sleeve cotton top (not t-shirt material) and a bandana tied to the back and around the bun. This is still good-enough and very modest.

  16. Muslima says:

    Hmmm, quite a few of these are TOO TIGHT for me! My swimsuit is like the mycozzie one, but I prefer the shirt to hit the knee (jilbabi), and I wear a longer one-piece hijab with it and then pin it so that it covers my chest. 🙂

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