Are we that bad?!

I just found this moments ago on a sister’s blog. See a bigger version of the pic here. I don’t know, ofcourse one should always strive to be the best, but I won’t judge anyone for their looks. Besides, I’m always wearing western clothes myself, and even though they’re modest enough I can’t help it but feeling a little bit like a “bad hijabi” when seeing such stuff. Even though I know I’m not that bad at all! How do you feel about this??

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20 thoughts on “Are we that bad?!

  1. raquelevita says:

    LOL! Well, for one, hijab or no hijab, cut-off shorts with fishnets and boots should get one fined.

    On a serious note, however, I do relate to what you’re saying. What ever happened to Allahu alam – Allah knows best? What happened to humility? There is a lot of judgement about clothing, makeup, even eyebrows! It sort of makes me laugh – some of the people I know who are most judgmental about these things come from countries who specialize in permanent makeup – see also, tattooing! – done on primarily *MUSLIM* women. Yet they will judge a non-Muslim who has a tattoo. What a waste of time and spiritual energy.

    I recently received a snide comment from someone who called my hijab a “nice costume”, because he didn’t think me a “real Muslim” – or something. It wasn’t a commentary about whether I was covered enough – but it was, at base, about one’s right to present in the way she sees fit. Hijab or no hijab, faith is a personal journey. And Islam compels us to act mercifully, not with cruelty and judgement, toward one another. We don’t know someone else’s personal jihads: what they’ve been through, where their heart is. Isn’t it better to live love than snarkiness? (Even though my first line was a tad snarky … I’ll admit!)

  2. basbousa says:

    Haha you are right about the fishnet stuff. And about the rest too. I think we should spend more energy focusing on ourself and our mistakes, than other people and their mistakes. You are so right sister. Do not care about the haters!

  3. Muslim Girl says:

    I agree with you completely. I feel like I’m in the middle of those two pictures because I do like fashion and I do wear makeup, but I also pray daily, dress modestly, and wear hijab properly where it shows only my face. I think the more important point though is to not judge someone because of their choices; it’s better to advise than to ridicule a fellow Muslim. On the other hand, I am trying to build up the courage to wear abaya full time though!

  4. Paige says:

    I think there is a major problem in the Muslim community when it comes to everyone being so preoccupied about everyone else. Everyone is always making judgments: who is wearing jewelry, wearing pants, not wearing niqab, whos clothes are too western. Its a woman’s personal choice on how to dress and i think that its wrong to make aggressive comments or give judgmental looks to someone. There are starving children all over the world and yet all that people can talk about is that someone is wearing quarter length sleeves. Something needs to change, we need to support eachother and realize that hijab is harder for some people than it might be for you.

  5. *~Ange~* says:

    the first pic reminds me of the masriyah style of hijab.. minus the nets… i dont think i have ever seen fishnets on a hijabi

  6. This poster is a bit extreme: either you dress in this *specific* way or you dress like a fishnets prostitute… I think the poster could have been created with a bit more tact. Instead of educating women this is going to put a lot of women on the defense ~ like that stupid lollipop hijab poster! **Groan**

    This is off topic but I have wonderful news to share!! I put on one of my square hijab scarves that I bought from Al Hannah Islamic Clothing ~ and my husband LOVED it! He never lies or flatters ~ he says exactly what he thinks and he thinks I look pretty in a head scarf! That just made my day because I don’t want to make my husband ashamed of the way I dress!!!

    (I leave my fringe out so folk will know I’m not Muslim and this is because I eat pork and I talk with men who are not my relatives… things that would be a negative witness to the Muslim faith.)

  7. Naseema says:

    To me the hijab is something that covers ur head and bosom, there is a few hadiths which places more emphasis on covering the bosom area than the head even. Clothing is a vanity issue, of course we would like to be wearing the latest trends but we are muslims and we have a duty to promote it and not wear clothes simply for fashion’s sake.

    I see hijabis wearing scarves barely coverign their hair let alone their neck and chest plus they wearing skinny jeans to complete the look! now in my opinion that is NOT hijab.

    Sure, follow the trends but adapt it to Islamic standards.

  8. basbousa says:

    Coffee Catholic – Mabrook (Congrats), I’m glad he liked it, and hey, besides being modest you are following a trend.

  9. pinkyhijabi says:

    asalam alaikum sisters

    lol this is a good piece of art work a wonderful message attached. im sure showing this to young girls would be a great assett rather than us parents just saying its haram etc. it would be a great idea to have a small little booklet on similar issues for our children today, who will be our future inshallah.

    wa salam

  10. Ugh…trends. LOL! I’ve never been a trend follower. You should see my wardrobe: dresses from the American/European 1700’s and 1800’s and even some from the Viking and Medeval days! Trends are far too difficult to keep up with because they change so swiftly and before you know it, your outfits are “out of style.” Ugh!!

  11. basbousa says:

    I like those old dresses, they are so elegant. By the way, trend isn’t that important, it is what you feel good in yourself that is important.

  12. hanifahstorm says:


    This poster paints a very clear image of the many unspoken messges that occur between Sisters in regards to dress.


  13. loolt says:

    i agree, the extreme judgementalness of some of us is contrary to the spirit of humility in islam. However with this cartoon in particular i feel that the artist purposefuly drew the extreme fashion sense of a hijabi and not a generic fashion sense. I mean NO one dresses like the girl on the left– so why would anyone be offended by it or feel judged? I didnt and i definatley dress in western dress— sometimes i agree my clothes are tighter than they should be, and when we are surrounded by images equating beauty with sexiness, and when those around you do not view modesty in the same way as you then it is easy to lose perspective on what is really modest/in line with islamic guidlines (it is a reason not an excuse, i know). So little reminders like this i am not offended by and welcome them.

  14. basbousa says:

    Loolt, don’t say nobody. I even saw a hijabi in miniskirt and knee high boots one time, so I’m not surprised 😀

  15. I also have a problem with the judgmentalness of the first picture. I am African-American and my hair is not processed so it’s an afro. Any scarf I wear is going to have the “camel humps” look. Of course, unless my hair is uncovered no one will know why the “camel humps” are there. So, anyone wanting to judge me would have to choose between a uncovered head or a “camel humps” covered one. *sigh*

  16. basbousa says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. We all have our reasons for doing this and not doing that..

  17. Umm Zaid says:

    Salaam ‘Alaikum

    I don’t know where the original artist is from or what they’re witnessing, other than that the person is clearly in the Arab world. Someone says, “No one dresses like that.” (the girl on the left). Please, do come to the Middle East. You will see hundreds of girls like that walking around. Take it in context. Just b/c it’s by a Muslim doesn’t mean it refers to women in the US or Canada. Nor is it addressing the idea of wearing Western-style clothing — many women in many parts of the ME do. It’s addressing a specific trend in the Middle East. Most women who bother wearing hijab in the US tend to behave modestly. Here, it is not at all unusual to see a girl in “hijab” holding hands and hugging her boyfriend in public.

    The camel humps here aren’t the result of naturally big hair. No one really has hair that stands up (I’m not kidding) 18″ from her head in the shape of a beehive. I saw a girl last night whose hijab was at least 2 feet off of her head. Another girl who lives nearby shapes her hair & hijab in the shape of a UFO. I’m not kidding. She turns a *lot* of heads, which is exactly what she wants. A lot of girls are wearing it “cone head” style. Why this is attractive, I don’t know. New trend? Doing your hair in these gigantic knots with baubles all over the head, then wrapping the scarf tightly over it, so everyone can see the shape of your hair do and the brooches or barrettes you have in it. Don’t tell me this doesn’t fall under what the Prophet (aleyhi salatu wa salaam) was condemning.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less what people wear as long as it doesn’t look *stupid* and as long as they don’t pretend it’s something that it’s not. Don’t say it’s “hijab” if it’s not; don’t get all touchy when you’re criticized for bad hijab. Let’s not pretend that the sisters in the big abayas, khimars, and niqabs haven’t been name called, slagged off, and made fun of *by other Muslims* for years. My issue with these looks is that they’re *tacky.* There is no excuse for bad taste.

    //There are starving children all over the world and yet all that people can talk about is that someone is wearing quarter length sleeves.//

    The problem is that this is human nature, not something restricted to Muslims, nor is it restricted to a particular era in time. We should stop thinking we’re different or better than other people when it comes to this. Lower our expectations of ourselves and stop being so disappointed when we continually fail to live up to what our religion calls upon us to do.

  18. Alix says:

    I agree with the outlines of the poster (it doesn’t say make-up is haraam but discusses how to wear it with a concious eye that acknowledges the perceptions of others). I don’t think we should ever judge a sister but we should give her every ayah and hadith relevent to her hijab and let her decide for herself in that knowledge what is right and what is wrong. The poster is correct to my Islamic knowledge. Of course, just because one can’t afford or have available proper hijab right away, it doesn’t mean their current clothing attempts towards modesty is harraam. Allah S.W.T judges our INTENTION. The more knowledge and good examples we have around us by HIS mercy, the more responisblity we will have to answer for on the Day of Judgement. Insha’Allah I have a hijabi zakat project in mind that will take the aid of all the hijabi fashionistas out there…. I will give more news away when I get set up—–D

  19. basbousa says:

    Alix, when will you return??? We miss you!!

  20. Noura says:

    I really like your blog and the fashion on your blog 🙂

    I live in the United States and I believe that the kind of hijab you wear would depend on what country you live in. In American just covering your hair with a hijab itself would be a big step. I usually like to wear the pants with the dress on top and sometimes I like to use some of the cool new hijab styles(but not the neck showing ones) and I think it is a “good” hijab. but let’s say if I was in Egypt I would probably dress differently (maybe wear the abaya) because it is a Muslim country.


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