About hijab and burqas…

Some of you might remember a harsh comment made from one reader on my 10 wrong but oh-so-good reasons to wear hijab, that goes something like this:

fantasticalicious Says:

Another good reason is that if you are smacked around because the men in your culture decide you aren’t modest enough, you can use the hijab as a bandage. If they hit you in the head or face, you can just wear a viel to conceal it. Oh, and one more…..wearing a hijab (or even better a burqa) will help you to identify with those women who are forced to wear a hijab or a burqa and it will help to bring you all together so you can talk about how to cope with your force marriages and how your husband are allowed to have 4 wives and you can only have one husband and all the oppressive and sexist ordeals you must deal with because it’s all a part of your culture. OH oh oh…just one more! Maybe you can also use your hijabs to tie up those women who decide to leave Islam. That would save them from being executed for leaving it, wouldn’t it? You could stuff your hijab in their mouth so that they don’t tell everyone that they want to leave Islam and end up getting executed for it.

PS – I have a question for you. If Islam is so great then why is the only exit strategy from it execution & isolation?

You know, I’m for freedom of speech on my blog, as long as it’s not blasphemy, so I’m happy to get different opinions on my posts. But what I don’t respect is people that are afraid to show the different opinions in their blogs, but still expect to write what they want on other blogs. See, this blogger has a blog on her own (I think it’s a she, sorry if you are a he), where she wrote a little something on hijab that I and another blogger responded to (that’s why she found my blog).

The problem is that she took the other answer (not mine) and made a post about how a coward this person was to write a fake email adress, and to not use a name but “muslim in america”, plus other things the blogger had to say about hijab and burqa and everything. More than 3 days ago, I wrote a looooong response that goes like this (I wrote it in a hurry, so please ignore spelling mistakes);

Obviously you ignored writing about MY response to your previous post. I’m not hiding under any fake email adress, and you even had the curtesy to leave me a comment on my own page )

*Wearing the hijab or niqab (face veil) should be a choice of the one that wears it. Unfortunately it’s not always like that, in some countries like Iran it’s required to wear hijab. Hijab is not just the way you dress, but also what’s in your heart, so if you do not chose to wear it yourself, then there is really no point. MOST OF US CHOSE TO WEAR THE HIJAB, sometimes despite the wishes of our family, friends and/or husbands.

*Women can divorce. There are many reasons that could give her a divorce right away. Most secular muslim countries have got family courts where you can get a divorce. By the way, there was a recent case in Egypt where a CHRISTIAN lebanese female artist converted to Islam in order to divorce her husband.. The christianity they follow in both Lebanon and Egypt doesn’t give you the right to divorce…

*Yes, in very few cases the husband can have 4 wives. That is if he can take care of his wives equally. This way, in the old ages with wars and fewer men than women, women could still marry.
By the way, there was a very controversial law I read about recently, I would love to provide the link, but unfortunately I didn’t keep it… In Jordan, some women get the right to marry more than one man. The law was made to make it easier for women whose men had gone to other arab countries and not returned. But actually I read about one women that lived in one big house and had one husband on one floor and the other on the other floor.

I think I’m done, now please don’t delete my comment, it’s always healthy with a debate D

Well the thing is, she still didn’t approve the comment! So, dear fantasticalicious, it has been some days now, and I even gave you free PR, now will you please approve my comment, like I approved yours, or are you just afraid of the truth or against the freedom of speech?

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14 thoughts on “About hijab and burqas…

  1. Habayeb says:

    lol such ppl always make me laugh….if she/he is so proud of his/her opinions why use “fantasticalicious” as a nick? why not his/her real name? :))

    PS- I dont agree with the part “it just dont fit it” cause there IS hikmah in polygamy although most of us wudnt want to be such a relationship, as its mentioned in the quran and the quran as we all know is for ALL times 🙂

  2. basbousa says:

    God knows, but I think that to marry multiple women, one needs to fill out some requirements that are almost impossible to fill. How can you treat 4 women equally, not just the material way, but also physically and emotionally? It’s not many men that can manage that, and it therefore becomes unlawful. Ofcourse everything in the Quran is law.

  3. This is why I removed comments from my blog. I write about a LOT of contraversial subjects, minus good spelling, and so it’s totally natural for people to disagree. I think that an honest, adult argument is the best way to learn and to grow and I’m all about free speech and the right to disagree etc etc but I found that the blog comments turned into nothing but a sounding-board for immature and nasty folk. When I would attempt to engage in an adult argument everything boiled down to nasty personal attacks and very childish nonsense. Then they go onto their own blogs, trash you to pieces, and refuse to publish your comments… holy smokes! Are we all in grade school again or something??
    The sad thing is, I see this in real life as well!! I’ve seen a huge change in the past ten years and it’s very sad. I don’t know what to think except that my culture/society has totally lost the art of mature, adult dialog and argument. Even people in their 40’s launch into hateful tirades rather then actual arguments. I can’t help but feel that my culture/society is degrading into perpetual childishness and that “being offended” is the latest daily past-time in the “Politically Correct” West. Even TV shows and movies are loaded with the art of being rude and nasty to each other… this kind of behavior used to be considered unacceptable and those who behaved thus were shunned and called, “Bullies.” Now this kind of rude nastiness is held up as the esteemed norm!!!!!!!
    I finally decided to close comments when local folk started to harass me on my blog and then some of them sent someone to my house!!!
    Ok, I’m going to shush now because I keep posting really long comments hahaha! Cheers!

  4. basbousa says:

    Michelle, thats why I always try to comment on your blog and never get to figure it out. I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experiences. Keep posting your long comments though, I always love to read em 🙂

  5. Hayley says:

    I left a comment on her newest post where she re inforced her views of how stupid a lady sounded who emailed her and left it anonymous. Im not the best muslima example but i did leave a long comment and expressed my opinions and we shall see if she approves them, i apologise that i didnt copy them to here as i forgot.

  6. basbousa says:

    Hayley, I hope this person realizes how stupid it is not to approve comments that contradict her own views. The comment function is made to let the readers opinions on posts known. And as long as it is not offensive, one shouldn’t refuse to approve it. Let’s see what happens 🙂

  7. Jana says:

    In times like this, I think of the words of Imaam Shafi’i:

    يخاطبني السفيه بكل قبح*** فاكره ان اكون له مجيبا
    يزيد سفاهة فازيد حلما *** كعود زاده الاحراق طيبا

  8. fantasticalicious says:

    I’ll go approve your comment. I just noticed it now, actually.

    I wasn’t ignoring you. I just got busy. However, it is my blog and I think you can understand that it’s really my choice about what I will allow and not allow. I’m impressed that you allowed my comment to go through on your blog. It shows you are open-minded and interested in addressing things head-on.

    I have some questions for you if you’d like to take the time to answer them.

    I’ll post them on my blog when I have a chance.

    You are right — a debate is healthy.

    I appreciate you taking the time to respond and present your point of view.

  9. basbousa says:

    Fantasticalicious, wow. Thank you for replying. I’m very happy that you are interested in getting some answers to stuff you are wondering about. Knowledge makes us better, knowledge is power.

  10. Elyse says:

    As a non-muslim looking in, I have to commend you ladies on your incredible spirit, modesty, and love for your faith. I’m Roman Catholic (but by no means as devout as I should be), and I sincerely miss the wearing of veils in church.

    Women have lost so much of their identities recently — not through the hijab or other so-called “constraints of faith” — but through the materialism and misused sexuality of our times. By wearing miniskirts, halter tops, and short-shorts, aren’t we “secular” girls falling prey to the sexist sentiments we’re trying to contest? I for one am not falling for it. I dress modestly because I want a man to see me for who I am and not what’s hanging out of/being seen through/or otherwise being displayed by what I wear.

    Also, I read fantasticalicious’s blog, and while I understand her comments (since I know people who feel the same way), I have to disagree. Per my previous argument, covering up does not make you less yourself. If anything, it allows you to be more yourself. I’d also like to dispute the “progress” of feminists. I do not consider myself a feminist in the traditional sense. I think all women did in the 60’s was lose men’s courtesy, and I know we definitely gained more than we bargained for…besides, was it really worth? To still not be making as much money as men in comparable careers? I’ll take my doors held for me over a .10 per hours raise, thank you very much. I’m not trying to be beligerent; I just feel like there are so many feminists out there who think they speak for all of “us” when they don’t.

    Furthermore (and I promise I’m almost done), I am a historian by trade and can tell you that there are great significances and pros to wearing a hijab or burqa. It has been proven that covering up actually makes you less hot….the fabric wiks away moisture allowing you to sweat more freely and stay cool — it also helps to prevent sunburns and skin damage. Historically, women throughout the Arab countries (and elsewhere) have worn headcoverings to stay out of the sun. Women in medieval England wore wimples (a head and neck covering meant to contain the hair).

    I hope I haven’t come off closed-minded because I certainly am not, and I would be willing to entertain any arguments for why women should dress the way they do in “Western” culture. In the meantime, how do you tie your beautiful hijabs?

  11. basbousa says:

    Thank you for your wise words 🙂
    I have made 3 posts with step by step instruction on how to tie the hijab. You will find it here https://thehijablog.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/even-more-hijab-tie-styles/
    and here https://thehijablog.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/hijab-styles-requested-by-alixianna/

  12. fantasticalicious says:

    Hello again!

    I put 10 questions on my website for you about the hijab.

    Thanks for answering my questions about the hijab — there are a lot of contradictions about it aren’t there?

    Thanks again!

    PS – If you know anyone else who would like to answer the questions, feel free to pass the link to my site along to them too as I’d be curious about what others have to say too

  13. fantasticalicious says:


    Your answers were great.

    It’s good to learn more.

    I may have more questions. I might just email them to you — I think I’m done posting about the hijab on my site for at least a few weeks.

    Talk soon!!!!!!

  14. basbousa says:

    fantasticalicious, I’m very happy with your questions, they are not to judgemental at all, but one simply gets the chance to explain the hijab in a good way. Exellent job!!!!

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