Fall flowers

So I couldn’t contain myself when I saw this adorable top (dress) at the Forever 21 website. I just had to buy it. So now I have one more top, and a little less money… But oh, how I’m loving this top. The colors remind me of fall, when the leaf gets orangey-yellowish-brown… I think I like the fall season.. Or maybe late summer/early fall, when the “get dressed” task is the easiest for us hijabis. Not to hot to layer, not to cold to wear layered tops/sweaters… Oh, top this outfit with a spanish hijab tie 🙂

Like it?

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3 thoughts on “Fall flowers

  1. nada says:

    very nice, and i love the colors it’s very attracted

  2. One thing that I love is that there is no required “uniform” for those who love God. I don’t know about Muslims but we Christians are required to dress modestly without excessive wealthy stuff (beacause the extra money spent on super-fancy clothes etc should go to the Poor) and in a way that does not inspire lust in men. But beyond that there are no hard and fast rules of what style/fashion we must wear. I really like having that kind of freedom! It’s only very recently that I’ve started to look at various styles of clothing… I’ve always been so busy paying bills and such that I never had enough money to invest in a decent wardrobe. My college years were filled with frumpy long-sleeve T-shirts and baggy jeans from the Men’s department at stores because I could not afford modest clothes and, well, let’s face it: so many of the non-expensive stores utterly lack modest outfits. HOWEVER, I’m learning from this blog that modest fashion can be achieved by layering! The only problem is… PLUS SIZES hahaha! There’s so much out there but so little in my size. Also, I live on a remote island with a population that is built like small, petite birds. The stores around here hardly ever carry my size.

    One lady that I’ve been ordering clothing from, she runs a business that specializes in fashions from all ages and times. I’ve had her sew me some modified dresses from several eras. One of these styles is a Viking dress in crushed velvet that I wear over pants. I got this idea while living in the Middle East! What are they called? Salwar Kameeze??? How I wish I could find just those style of pants without having to buy the entire outfit… but anyway, here’s a link to these kinds of dresses:
    It’s a bit form-fitting I think and I didn’t realize this until after I bought the dresses but since folk in the West think that fat people are disgusting and nasty, I’m hardly causing lust!
    I bought a “Celtic Cloak” that fits like a Western version of the abaya. Personally I’d wear lots more Middle Eastern clothes just like I did when I lived in Bahrain but ever since September 11th I’m not sure if that’s safe. Here’s the cloak, it’s the second one down and mine is in dark purple: (mine does not open in the front.)
    I also have a “coachman’s cape” which offers modest coverage of my bosom while also keeping away the chilly wind! I have one in dark purple velvet and one in grey wool. (sadly only men seem to be wearing these things on this website!)
    I also have a grey wool “fitted cloak” lined in cotton velvet with a hood ~ the wind cannot get through this tent hahaha! These items are so wonderful in this pretty much year round cold climate ~ not only are they modest but, worn on a woman, they are very feminine too! Much more feminine then the typical unisex winter coats and jackets…
    I still want to buy some abayas ~ I just can’t find the kind I like in plus size! (I don’t like black and plus size only ever seems to be black.) Why is it that we plus-size ladies are everywhere but we don’t seem to exist for clothing shops?? **Sigh** I can’t use Ebay ~ I had an account and then some folk nearby had their accounts hacked into by people in China so I quickly shut my account down. It’s not secure, at least fo rus!
    I’m so glad that my husband likes my pretty head scarves and he’s not threatened by me wanting to wear them. I don’t cover my head every day. I guess I’m not ready for the ridicule but who knows, perhaps my wimpiness will pass? I most often wear bonnets when I go outside and they work very well in this climate and they are known as “American” so I’m not too shocking to folk hahaha!

  3. fatma says:

    i love that is it so cool and cut

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