Sporty hijabi?

I’m kinda lazy, so I don’t have the problem of finding hijab-fitting sportswear. I’d rather go for a walk all dressed up 🙂 But what about all you sporty hijabis out there? What alternatives have you got? I didn’t find much for you, but this is what I got:

First, there is Ruqaya Al Ghasara, a 24-year-old sprinter from Bahrain with a sponsored hijab.

Then there are the famous “Capsters”, made by Dutch designer Cindy van den Bremen. The “Capsters” have become extremely popular, not only for muslim women, but also for other sporty people, including men. You can get the capsters here.

Or you can just wear sporty al Amirah’s. Shop for sporty al Amirah’s here.

Then it is the outfit. How can you stay comfortable, follow the requirements of hijab, and still be in style? Primomoda features the best of what I’ve seen of hijabified sportswear so far!

Then there is clothing from AlJlbia.

Ugh… I’m still not convinced… Some of the sportswear is pretty nice.. I think it’s just me and my lazyness. Better stay on the couch for now! Would you wear any of this?

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16 thoughts on “Sporty hijabi?

  1. I’ve never been much into sports wear but then again, I’m not sporty. Living on a farm makes a gym membership rather redundant!

    Totally off topic but: Thanks, Barbousa ~ I dreamed last night that OBAMA came to the farm for a visit!!!! I woke up in a cold sweat hehehehe and no, I didn’t wake up in an Obama shirt *Wink*


  2. basbousa says:

    Hahaha!!!! That’s hillarious, Michelle!!!!

  3. Mina says:

    *Runs for the hills*
    Those are hiduoes yikes!
    I think I’ll stick to my t-shirt and tracky bottems, I don’t wanna scare anyone if i wore any of those outfits…They look like some sort of disformed SUPER HEROS lol but not in a good way:)

  4. basbousa says:

    You know, there are not a lot of fashionable sportswear for hijabis 😛 I think some of the stuff from Primomoda isn’t as bad as expected. But they still have a loooong way to go 🙂

  5. raquel says:

    I like the “capsters” white hijab with the two large black stripes (lower left). As far as the sporty suits go, it’s too much fabric to be able to work out in a gym. I go to an all-women’s gym, but occasionally a man has to pass through to do maintenance on equipment. At the gym, I wear a yoga pant and long-sleeved tee, if I’m outside (basketball or something) I might throw a longer tank top on over the tee. I have cotton amiras…with rhinestones on the undercaps. 😉

  6. basbousa says:

    you guys are sooo sporty, I don’t even take one step into the gym, I think I have like gymophobia or something like that!

  7. Me and gyms don’t mix either! Nopers, give me a brisk walk, a trip on the bicycle, or a good cow-chasing session any day!

  8. *~Ange~* says:

    i hate sport hijab, theyre so ugly…
    i hate fitted hijabs. thats why i dont wear Al-Amira style.. i like flowy hijabs.. so you can wrap them etc.

  9. *~Ange~* says:

    but i think that the outfits in the last pic are so cute. i could definately wear them and still feel stylish. great designs

  10. basbousa says:

    Michelle T, Hillarious, COW-CHASING 😀
    Ange, I agree with you, I think the bottom right could be cute without the stripes.. And I understand what you are saying about fitted hijabs, I’m all about flowy hijabs myself.

  11. Maryam says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum,

    I have the grey outfit there in the Primomoda picture left and I really love it! I think its stylish. I’m a football mom and jogging, playing floorball in mothers team, riding, cycling you name it, I love sports. I think it’s also sunnah to keep in fit.
    Actually those in Primomoda are made by Hasema in Turkey and they have their on website also.

  12. ahsya says:

    I just wear an plain al-amirah and a track suit, or athletic pants and a loose cotton shirt.

    Works for me.

  13. chika says:

    oh! I am looking for an outfit for cycling! this is good!

  14. rameen says:

    no way!

  15. Anisah says:

    I guess most of the previous posters are too focused on how they look in the clothing & not how the clothing WORKS during the exercise. Maybe its because most are younger than me. But I like the styles I saw & a TIGHT hijab is perfect for exercise when one is dealing with trying to keep it out of one’s way. Mind you I’m active more so now then ever before, but that’s because I’ve “been there done that” and paid the price with my health! So while young people can ignore exercise due to it not being “fashionably dressed” a few life threatening health problems puts things into perspective. I for one am THRILLED about the sporty knee length jersey outfit and the Amira hijabs. Mind you going to the gym is supposed to be about getting or staying healthy…not a fashion parade. And I also believe snug fitting hijabs work best also when I’m working in my yard, working with power tools or anything else that could be dangerous with flowing loose fitted hijabs. I personally don’t like the notion of being strangled by my hijab, but I do believe in being practical & these sports designs are trying to get a few more Muslim women to KEEP their health by encouraging them to get off the couch & develop HEALTHY life styles. So girls… take the advise of someone who is a grandmother…. don’t waste your health now. Its easier to keep it then try to regain it. Get off the couch & accept that sportswear itsn’t supposed to be HIGH-fashion. You wear it so you can keep wearing those smaller dress sizes!
    Salaam, Anisah in South Dakota

  16. sunshine says:

    salam sisters
    i am a full time gymnist and wear yoga pants and my fire dept tees with close fitting hijab and am able to do all the tricks that other gymnists do.
    i also have competed in a islamic ok outfit. i am very glad that someone has come up with a way to get sisters active and fit. just because we wear hijab dont mean that ya can be lazy and not get some activitys in.
    the fire dept even lets me wear hijab but i think someone needs to come up with a fireproof hijab:-P gotta jet great blog and keep it up

    sunshine in indy

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