Dream abayas and galabiyas

I have a thing for luxurious khaleeji abayas and galabiyas. I don’t wear them, but I wish I could (and I also wish that I could afford them instead of just dreaming about them)… And most of all, I really wish I could find them online… Hellooooo, where did all the pages go? Before, the 2emirates mall website had some fabulous abayas that I intended to buy, but then the site just disappeared… And what about the Al yashmak website, didn’t it just disappear as well? Well, here is something to keep us dreaming 🙂

Like it or not?

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16 thoughts on “Dream abayas and galabiyas

  1. ammena says:

    masha’allah, I adore the red outfit and the black and gold outfit 🙂 amazing

  2. I WANT!!! Oooooh… I’ve GOT to learn how to sew… But for now I have a brick-red and a periwinkle “wrap-n-snap” abaya on the way to tide me over hehehe…

  3. basbousa says:

    I know, they are so breathtakingly beautiful!

  4. Mina says:

    Adore the middle two
    they look gorgoues, but dilemma where do I wear them too
    Don’t want any funny glances from people thinking
    Woah who does she think she is…

  5. Mina: “She thinks she is… A WOMAN!” Yeah!! hehehehehe!

  6. *~Ange~* says:

    love khaleeji abayas.. i wear pretty much ONLY abayas so i love any kind of posts on this. i love khaleeji styles.. but you right about them being pricey
    i bought 2 new ones with matching hijabs on the weekend… all “diamonds” all over the sleeves.. and huge patterns in the diamonds on my back.. i love how khaleeji abayas are over the top and glam. keep posting them!!!
    And by “diamonds” i of course mean fake as…

  7. basbousa says:

    Ange, i’ll try to post about it a little more often. Oh and I want your new abayas, lucky you!

  8. Jameelah says:

    Hala hala.. thanx for the nice pics.. where can u get them? They are amaziiiiiinggg..

    xx Jameelah

  9. basbousa says:

    Jameelah, unfortunately the internet stores selling this stuff don’t excist anymore— That applies to most of these abayas 😦

  10. Sana says:

    WOOW. Love the red dress! I want one. Can I pleeeeeeeaaaase have it?

    I’ll be nice to you…

  11. basbousa says:

    Sana, I think we all gotta be nice to the designers. I want that one too 😦

  12. TaZz says:

    omqq i luv da black and qold 1 !! where can y0u qet them from ot order them ? i rlly rlly need and want that 1 ! itsz gorgeous mashallah

  13. malika says:

    salam i live in uk and over here we can get just as this beautiful abayas it is sewn in yemen and sold over here and very cheap

  14. Nasrin Banu says:

    It exciting to watch your fashion statement through hijab.
    I would like to check out many more patterns of hijab from your site.

  15. areej says:

    malika u said in uk we have them sort of abayas . where ? i want to buy some 😀

  16. latifa says:

    omg i want all of them does anyone know if theres a website online

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