Egyptian streets

It’s no secret that I love egyptian-style fashion. That’s my fashion, thats my style. Egyptian style is without a doubt the most creative hijab style out there, with a lot of colors, mix of textures and so on. Here is a tribute to the egyptian street style of Cairo:

And here is a little something for the fans of spanish hijab:

Lovely, or what?

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14 thoughts on “Egyptian streets

  1. sayma says:

    I love the way egyptian wear their hijab, its so creative and colourful!

  2. raquelevita says:

    I love the elegant cream-colored skirt outfit, and the color of that one “Spanish hijab” 🙂 — the gorgeous coral with the sparkle in the center of the flower – is divine. How would one tie that, oh sensai of scarves?

  3. Yeah really ~ do you still have hijab “how to” links? I can’t find them LOL!

    I loooove how the Egypitan ladies dress! Usually I’m not easily swayed just because someone else likes something but I have to admit, I’m hooked on Egyptian fashion! Now…where do I find clothes and shoes that fit? LOLOL! I’m totoally going to have to learn how to sew!

  4. basbousa says:

    Miss R 😉 It’s not difficult at all. You take an oblong scarf, put the middle on your forehead, and tie in the back… Then you make a mess of the ends, and fasten it with long hijab pins. Hmmmpphh.. It’s sooo much more easy to explain if I post pictures. I’ll try to get something up for you, habibty 🙂
    Miss MT, a ticket to Egypt now 😀

  5. Leila says:

    go go ya Masr ! 🙂 yeah u r right, Egyptian style IS very cool… once, i was waiting for an interview in one of the schools there, and while waiting – some of the teachers and other workers were walking in the hall…MAN, I even took the photos… 😀 girls are dressing awesomeee…

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt!

  7. Er… Well, I’ve been to Egypt but sadly each time we were only ever in the desert having our aircraft refueld. Humph!!

  8. basbousa says:

    What a shame, it’s really something to discover. The shopping, the beauty of the old mosques that makes the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and then the food. Egypt has it all, also christian history that you might find interesting.

  9. Hanifah says:

    Terrific post. I love the Egyptian fashion too. It’s just gorgeous.

  10. raquelevita says:

    Oooh thanks habibti!! I will have to give it a try tomorrow! Hopefully it will look classy and sassy rather than like a chihuahua attacked the back of my head. There’s a high risk of it not turning out at all like the picture! 😉

  11. Really gorgeous! I love the spanish style hijabs.. 🙂

  12. You could always call it, “Chihuahua Chic”! hehehe

  13. *~Ange~* says:

    masriyah gilrs definately have their own style. you can tell what aocuntry they are from from just their clothing and hegabs

  14. basbousa says:

    Hihi, Chihuahua!!! No, hunny, I think you will do fine, but you need a lighweight scarf though.

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