Hijabs made in Norway

Yet another article on the Badrkhan sisters from Norway. These sisters are designing headscarves for the muslim women of Norway. Now they want to go international. The sisters have already held five fashion shows in Norway this year, and aims on having an exibition at the Islamic Expo in London next year.

Read more here.

Do you think they will have a future in doing this??

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6 thoughts on “Hijabs made in Norway

  1. I’ve oggled this post for a while but I finally have to admit, “I don’t know. I’m not sure…” Maybe it would help to see if the hijabs are nice if they were on actual women with outfits? The fake heads kind of leave a lot lacking… at least, with *my* limited attention span hahaha!

  2. basbousa says:

    CC, I kinda have a problem with all fitted hijabs.. I like the oblong scarves that I can mix and do creative stuff with. And I agree, it’s very hard to see how the hijabs will look on.

  3. Salam Sis!
    Yes yes i want the black one, i love that ! masha Allah, insha Allah ia Rabb!
    By the way thanks for stopping by my blog! Jaza’ak Allah, we are trying to cover up the latin sisters insha Allah!

  4. Sana says:

    They are GORGEOUS hijabs. So different to everyone else!!

  5. Assalamoalaikom sisters

    After reading the blog above, we would first and foremost like to thank you for your insight on this, jazakaALLAH khir.

    Just to give you a short insight on what we`ve had five fashion shows here in Oslo, in which the full hijab is presented on actual muslim girls. We`re at the moment working on joining islamic EXPO in London for next year inshaALLAH. Make dua for us! Hopefully our plan is to have a Fashion show presenting our line as well as delivering a speech about Hijab inshaALLAH.

    For furter information contact us on susan-badrkhan@hotmail.com, or nafi_27@hotmail.com.

    JazakomoALLAHO khairan.

    The Fashion House of Badr.

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