Gulf sisters

They are the women in black, the jewels of the desert. Fashionable as few, with an eye for expensive brands,  they catch up with the latest trends, while staying true to their traditions. This is a tribute to our always elegant sisters in the gulf.

My, I wish I could rock elegant abayas and shaylas like them. What about you?

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15 thoughts on “Gulf sisters

  1. MuSlIm says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for recommending another hijab site. I will check it out soon



  2. raquelevita says:

    But but – you can rock them! And the beauty of it will be that you’re rocking them by choice. Many ladies in the Gulf are not. They are, however, choosing to make some amazing style choices on top of them! I love when there’s an amazing handbag or ferocious sunglasses 🙂

  3. I could rock abayas too ~ if I was as filthy rich as some of those Gulf ladies hahaaha! Ooooh how I LOVED living in the Gulf. Up until I met my now-husband two years ago I was forever trying to find a way to get back to Bahrain. I’d gladly live there for the rest of my life!! (I found God in Bahrain!) Thankfully God has been very wonderful to me and while He didn’t send me back to Bahrain He did send me to a beautiful farm and a wonderful husband. *Grin*

    Hmmm. I also found elegance in the Gulf hahaha! Seriously! Before that all I ever saw of “fashion” was plunging necklines and micro-mini skirts and such. But in the Gulf I saw what true elegance could be!

  4. When you do those fashion sets on Polyvore how do you get them published onto your blog??

  5. ayah57 says:

    Those who know me know how much I adore colors… but I will always love the beauty, mystery, and classic style of black. It has a timeless elegance. Just gorgeous mashaAllah!

  6. Habayeb says:

    i already do rock them 😀

  7. Alix says:

    Black is my staple but colour is my freedom.

  8. *~Ange~* says:

    i love them all. but im IN love with that last pic of the sleeves.. so nice

  9. basbousa says:

    Michelle T, there is a code you just copy and paste in the HTML editor first. Then you can switch to normal text and write whatever you want underneath. Habayeb, uhuh lucky you…

  10. Muslim Girl says:

    They look gorgeous. I’m trying to build up the courage to wear abaya out these days! I really love the look of the all black abaya with black hijab and it looks soo nice to wear heels and sunglasses or purse with them!!

  11. basbousa says:

    Good luck with the abayas. They look gorgeous.

  12. Nabeela says:

    wow they are so gorgeous ,my mom do wear abaya …..

  13. H.Joseph says:

    Abayat, look very nice. But i dont think i could wear them here in Canada. Way too hard, in every way! But overall very nice.


    • Fatema P. says:

      they do look really beautiful. and i would love to wear them in public, though i have no idea where to get really nice ones from.
      i havent found a store anywhere that will sell them at a somewhat decent price and look nice as well. (in TO canada)

  14. Bea says:


    Do you know what exactly is the girl with the blue shawl (6th row) wearing on her face? I’ve seen them before but I don’t know the name of that thing or where it comes from..

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