Please don’t forget your pants at home

Am I allowed to say that forgetting your pants at home is somewhat a hijab don’t? Yeah, I think I am….

That looks kind of silly, no? So then we all agree, forgetting your pants at home is a clear hijab NOT!

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13 thoughts on “Please don’t forget your pants at home

  1. ammena says:

    definate not… is she showing her stomach too? or is it just the shade of her clothes… but then we shouldnt judge, only take her to one side and explain, ‘sister, if you are going to cover your hair you should really be covering the rest of your body too insha’allah’ We never know her reasons Allahu alim

  2. hannah says:

    it is a bit of a funny look!! :p but i really like the way her hijab looks. do you know how she wrapped it??

  3. basbousa says:

    I think she uses an underscarf and then wraps the hijab loosely around the head, pinning it so it doesnt slip…

  4. Sharshura says:

    Lol when I saw the pic I saw it was a joke. Did you find this pic online or did you actually see this girl on the train??

  5. basbousa says:

    Sharshura, I’m pretty sure it is a joke!

  6. Alix says:

    When it is raining out in my city I see non-muslim teenage girls style their best-bling pashminas and keffiyahs as hijabs to keep their hair dry these days.

  7. Alix says:

    I meant breast-bling, LOL

  8. nursheikha says:

    what the!!! 😛

    she’s like there in the hijabi sense and totally not there

    you might as well not wear one dear! 😛

  9. I don’t understand anything about that outfit. Bright white shoes and knee socks with army green coat and burnt orange scarf?? Well, we all have our own funky way of doing things but I can’t help but think she might not be muslim. The headscarf is so sloppy maybe she tossed it onto her head because it was raining outside? Sure beats a soggy newspaper hehehe!

  10. Samantha says:

    Poor girl… It seems like she really wants to be fashionable, but can’t… She doesn’t know how to do it, because of her hijab or something.

  11. Nabeela says:

    really funny sure a joke if she had really forget her pants at home she would well covered her body with her jacket

  12. Dalila says:

    Salamu Alaykum,
    Ya Rabb (Oh God) how disturbing…
    All I can say,May Allah guide us!!

    Your worried sister, Salam.

  13. Mehwish says:

    It could be she is a non muslim (Allahu alam) taking a mick out of mulsim girls! Anybody in there sane mind wouldnt and has never done that!! so it could be somebody wants us(muslim women ) to look bad etc.. Dont believe all that ye see!

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