Wear ‘hijab’ or face acid burns :(

I’m infuriated with what I read in this article from topnews, India! Can you believe this, some idiots that think that they are muslim and call themselves Taliban tell women to wear hijab within 5 days, or be thrown acid at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God, those people are backwards, ignorant, evil INFIDELS! Yes, you heard me right, those are the REAL infidels in this world. They are people that don’t know how to read, at least not in Arabic, and therefore have NO CLUE what so ever about what ISLAM is!!!! May God punish such evil creatures severely. Killing or hurting other people is HARAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hijab is NOT what makes you a good muslim woman, it’s your intentions and behaviour that does! May God never forgive such inhumaneness and such slander of the Islamic faith. All of us muslims out there should stand up and show those IDIOTS that we do not have their back, and neither does ISLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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14 thoughts on “Wear ‘hijab’ or face acid burns :(

  1. nursheikha says:

    Right on sister!

    You’re not even allowed to force people to Islam, how could they even think of threatening muslim women to wear the hijab?

    Its sad to see people chosing to stay ignorant and not try to understand more about the true spirit, essence of Islam.

    The message of Islam, especially the hijab is suppose to reach the hearts and minds of people, not scar them with acid.

  2. This is exactly what gives religion a bad name! Disgusting tyrants hijacking God and using Him as an excuse to abuse and murder people!! This is SICK! Won’t these smug unbelievers be shocked when they stand before God in judgement and find themselves burning in hell!!

  3. You know, I was just thinking: What would happen if a mob of Pakistanis beat the living tar out of these acid-throwers the moment they tried to pull anything off? I bet THAT would give power back to the people and rid their area of the servants of the devil!

  4. Alix says:

    Let’s all wear niqab and then throw acid ON THEM. Ugghhhhhhh!!!!!!! These are the hypocrites!!!!! These are they who are cursed: woe betide those who pray but are heedless in prayer, who make a show of piety but forbid almsgiving. Compassion, understanding, and patience are the greatest symbols of charity. No zakat is given without these three that Allah S.W.T will hold it against them.

  5. erica aisha says:

    I KNOW!! RIGHT ON SISTER!! ARGH for real.

  6. I can see the topnews India headlines: “Wild naqibis chase Taliban out of town…”

  7. basbousa says:

    CC, I like that headline!!!!

  8. Alix says:

    Hey, I do want to add, not all Taliban are bad… some just are uneducated and they got offered five hundred bucks once they graduated from the madrassa to go be soldiers and since their families were just bombed and five hundred bucks is a ALOT of money in that part of the world… You know the story. There was an American aid-worker kidnapped by a group of such man while he was working to building schools in Pakistan and after three days of being held they decided to donate ALOT of their five hundred bucks to help the man build schools for girls, LOL. 95% percent of the world can distinguish between right and wrong action.

  9. They are the ones that do not understand islam and make the world think about it so badly.I’m sorry there are these types of people out there who ruin the image of islam. Thnx sister for making that clear to the public

  10. Dalila says:

    Bismillahi rahmani rahim
    I totally agree with the fact that that is outrageous!! But to turn to an important point that someone had mentioned that people like those, who throw acid at womens faces for not covering and such things that are similar, gives Islam a bad name. People look at Islam through these people, calling us terrorists and what not. If we only portrayed Islam the way it really is, but this is how Allah had summoned this world with. I wish we can do something to prevent such disastrous things from occuring ever again.

    We were even talking about it in class a couple of weeks ago, and everyones jaw was peirced on the floor. No one could believe someone had the heart and such a cruel mind to do a thing like that. I totally agree with the sisters that say that Hijab is not to be forced upon women, it is a symbol of modesty and passion. Yeah, these days everyone seems so uneducated about Islam.

    Its horrible to see these people throwing acid on their woman, here wear the niqab, oh no? aciddd attackkk!! Unbelievable, ughh its sooo sickkk!!!!

    Hope no one gets offended by my opinion, InshAllah everyone understands and learns more about Islam and what it truely is. Your sister in Islam, Salamu Alaykum

  11. Dalila says:

    lol. Some grammatical mistakes there,
    1. Allah has summoned us with this corruption**
    2. Their jaws dropped to the floor.
    Sorry, hehe. Thanks again.

  12. Mari says:

    You are so right sister! I live in Finland and converted to islam, my husband doesnt force me to wear hijab when i go outside but is couraging me to wear it and i do most times, but its new to me so im still getting used to wearing it.
    But so many times i read in news about these acid attacks on women and it made me cry many times for them and stupidity of men… insallah one day they will see how wrong they are and will be punnished.

    And i dont know if this is still true and if they still doing this, but about year ago i hear that killed in Irak women who wear RED hijabs… because red is too sexy.

  13. Anan says:

    A prayer for each of these women, and the men who think this is right, Allah help them and lead them to the truth.

  14. Kate says:

    I am late in responding to this, please forgive me. I agree with Anan, a prayer for everyone. To the men who threw the acid, an extra prayer, not extra hatred. In every culture, there are people who do things that others do not agree with, and it is usually the extreme people that get noticed from other cultures. These men thought they were doing right, but it was at the expense of other lives. And this is wrong. I do not have to convince any of you that it is wrong, because you share the same belief. But there are others who do not. So all you can do for these people is pray, sometimes, and find it in our hearts to forgive those who have done wrong.

    Everyone has done wrong. Everyone is guilty. And everyone needs forgiveness. Forgiveness is the key.

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