“Hijab Survey” – Help unveiling the mystery

All enlightened muslimah readers out there, please take some time to answer fantasticalicious hijab survey. Help non muslims to get more knowledge about the headscarf, and get to say your opinion!!!!

Here are her questions:

  1. How old were you when you started to wear a hijab?
  2. Why did you decide to wear a hijab?
  3. What does ‘hijab’ style dressing mean to you?
  4. Do you wear the hijab or dress in the hijab way to earn respect from men?
  5. Do women who don’t wear the hijab get less respect from the men within your culture?
  6. Do you wear the hijab as an anti-western statement and if yes what is the statement you’re making?
  7. What are the ‘rules’ you follow about wearing a hijab or dressing in the hijab way?
  8. How would people in your day-to-day life react if you didn’t wear a hijab for just one week?
  9. What is your opinion of women who are Muslim who choose to not wear a hijab?
  10. Do you think your beauty should only be revealed for your husband and if yes why?

I thought question 6 was a little silly, but the rest are actually very good. Comes from someone that really wants to learn more! Thank you, Miss F!

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8 thoughts on ““Hijab Survey” – Help unveiling the mystery

  1. sayma says:

    1. Ive been wearing hijaab for just over 2years.
    2. Ive always wanted to wear the hijaab as it is an obligation from allah… but never had the courage. Since starting university, i thought t would be a frsh start to wear it then. Also my 3of my sisters wear the hijab, so that was encouragng.
    3. dress modestly through and through!!!!!!!
    4. Well, part of wearing it is to not draw attention to men. wear it for allah.
    5. Well a girl that wears hijab, is likely to get more respect genreally.
    6. Well not really, but some people are ignorant, you can be british born muslims, just like myself… some people loook suroprised that i speak with an english accent.
    7. Try not to wear tight fitting clothe, or clothe that draws attention
    8. Know one would care! I wear hijab out of my choice, my parents dont mind whether wear it!
    9. Well inshallah there will come a time for the non hijabi sisters out there, just like it were for me… iv been wearing it for over 2years. Also it doesnt mean your less religous than a hijabi sister, just because you choose not to wear the hijaab.
    10. Beauty, yes that is for your husband. hair yes! But wearing a hijab doesnt stop a man from looking at the sister, i mean if the sister s beautiful, they wll look with a doubt! Some men find hijab attractive.. and including western men!!!

  2. Alix says:

    6 is a good question. Sometimes I get mad at the prejudice in my country and I want to make an anti-western statement for about five seconds, then I calm down: D

  3. Maryam says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Here are mine:

    1. I started wearing it almost straigh away after reverting, I think I was 27 at that time.

    2. After reading Qur’an I was convinced that it compulsory for muslim women.

    3. Dressing modestly and covering the shape of your body.

    4. No, not really. I just want to be submitted to Allah’s will and ofcourse not to show myself to other men exept my hubby. Hijab makes also my life more simple, I don’t have to convince people that I’m a muslim woman, at least not that much.

    5. Well that depends. Being European and muslim I’m not always sure that men respect you because of the hijab or maybe they despise you, lol!

    6. Sometimes european people get angry when they see an european woman in traditional arabic outfit, but I don’t care about that and I don’t want to give that kind of anti-western statements with my clothes. I just sometimes want to wear abayas because they are so comfy. I want to also create an european way hijab, I love my home country.

    7. Clothes have to bee non-transparent and loose enough. If I wear trousers they have to be very loose and the tunic has to be till my knees minimum. Clothes can not be too fancy or bright coloured or blinging. The scarf has to be big enough to cover my breast area.

    8. At least my workmates once said, that they would be in a shock if I once would appear to the work without my hijab.

    9. I kind of understand them and on the other hand don’t.

    10. Yes, I believe everything that Qur’an saya and I also understand the wisdom behind it.

  4. Rani says:

    1. almost 2 years
    2. I always thought that i would eventually wear it so i guess it was time, it was ramzan, i started praying so it felt natural and i felt proud to accept and adhere to the identity Allah swt had given to “believing women”
    3. placing and accepting the identity that Allah swt chose for me before the identity that mainstream society wants me to adopt. Also it means breaking free from the pressures from society to dress to please men.
    4.No thats not why i wore it i thought it would please Allah, but it has earnt me respet from men, i get called sister alot now, which i hardly did before.
    5.I would say so, men tend to be more “free” around them, cross the line in regards to things they say to them, the way they approach/address them and look at them.
    6. It was a bit of an anti western statement, i liked the fact that i was doing what i wanted to do regardless of the prejudices non believers have, i didnt care enough of what they thought to become a “slave” to western ideals. I had a better identity then they could offer me.
    7. Cover my hair, dress so not to attract attention to my body/figure.
    8. my family and friends would be dissappointed, but theyd be happy when i put it back on. Non believing collegues would be glad and think ive seen the light eventually or something sillylike that.
    9. i was one of them 2 years ago so i know not to judge, and many of them are still quite modest thought they do not cover their hair, i pray the accept hijab one day and would encourage them to.. Its wonderful.
    10 Yes, clearly to void off unhealthy, unwelcomed attention, to help avoid girls falling into sin and to contain womans beauty with in whats right and beneficial (marriage) We see how strong and powerful it is and how it can damage society so badly, we only need to look around and see how it is abused and used to make money at the expence of piety and modesty. Those two qualities seem to ripped away from todays women as thogh they would make her inferior to the sexy provocative women who we see glamourised everywhere.

  5. Adisa says:

    1. Im 21 now and I started waering hijab just few months ago. (wish I wore it a long time ago).
    2. It was a hard decision to make since my family and friends were against it and found all the reasons not to wear it but I felt like it was a right thing to do. With hijab Im showing to world that I am a Muslim and that Im proud of it.
    3. It means having the courage to stand out from the crowd and be different (I live in Czech Republic), stop depending on other people’s opinon and wishing them to like you and accept you. It’s a great feeling, not allowing other people to change your mood or influence your decisions.
    4. My wearing hijab has nothing to do with men. Men are obligated to treat women with respect with or without hijab.
    5. I believe women who wear hijab get more respect, I can feel it since I wasn’t wearing hijab before and I can notice the difference now.
    6.I’m not trying to make any anti western statement.
    7. I’m not wearing tight or transparent clothes, I try different hijab styles. I like to wear colorful clothes.
    8. I guess they would be happy that I’m “normal” again! =))
    9. I don’t judge anybody, wearing hijab doesn’t make you a good Muslim but I believe it is an important part of completing your faith.
    10. Not only my husband, my family and my female friends as well=) It means, all the people I care about and whose opinon matters to me. I have no wish nor need to show it to randome people who don’t mean anything to me.

  6. Dalila says:

    Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah,
    1. Dont laugh.. around 8 to 10. Not Forced, did it on my own will Alhamdulilah =] =]
    2. It was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen at the time, not to mention my mother and big sister wearing it too. Now I do it to Please Allah (SWT) and it just makes me a stronger Muminahh (believer).
    3. It means a lot to me, more than i can actually describe. It is a part of me, the same way a wheelchair is a part of a disabled person, It has so many blessings and virtues…I cant even begin to explain =]
    4.I wear the hijab or dress in the hijab way to earn respect ONLY FROM ALLAH (SWT) because to me, thats all that matters.
    5. Hmmm.. tough one. No, i wouldnt say so.
    6. NO way !! My intention belongs to Allah.
    7. The ways Allah has prescribed them. To cover the whole body, to not outline my specific body parts, to not attract men, to basically keep me most.
    8. I would be suprised with myself more then they would, haha, no seriously……
    9. They arent following Allahs orders, and Allah will ask them on the Day of Judgement, I have no right but to help her and guide her, If that isnt possible, then one can only make duaa for her.
    10. For the husband, brother, family, uncles, not cousins, and sisters. That is how the Prophet mentioned it.
    Sister in Islam,
    Salamu Alaykum

  7. s fathima says:

    1. I was 19 years old…
    2. Initially because it’s an obligation from allah..now for the following reasons
    – gives me protection
    – men respect me
    – gives me an identity as a muslim, am proud of it…:)
    3. it’s part of my attitude….
    4. Of course
    5. I don’t think so. However, i agree with sister Rani (above) that men tend to be more “free” around them.
    6. Of course not….
    7. I’m a fashionista however i choose clothes that follows the basic rules.. not tight & transparent, and covers the wholebody…
    8. Now that they’ve accepted it’s part of me….probably they’ll be surprised… anyway i’ll feel extremely uncomfortable…
    9. It’s wrong to judge other sisters by the hijab. She may be a better muslim than me.
    10.Yes. men – other than ur family such as brothers, father , your uncle etc… – they may be attracted to you and may try to make use of you. You know what i mean…. Anyway if they find you beautiful, they’ll still admire your face & at least they won’t approach u…they’ll hesitate..

  8. shallowshore says:

    Asalamo alaikom
    1. I started wearing the hijab when i was 14
    2.I started wearing it because our creator ordered me to wear it in the Quran, so when i reached puberty i thought it was about time.
    3.Wearing the Hijab means i can only show my face, hands and feet. That i should not wear clothes that show my figure shape, and that i should aim to dress modestly not attractively.
    4.As i have already said above i wear Hijab for God, not for men. But an advantage and maybe it is part of the wisdom behind the order from God is that men respect you as they are forced to judge you on your personality and mind rather than your cleavage.
    5.Women who don’t wear hijab are given less respect from men in our country as they are deemed as disobeying the word of God.
    6.Again, i don’t wear it as a statement, i wear it for God, but the antiwestern statement is a plus. By wearing it i am showing i don’t have to conform to western society ideals.
    7.Jeans should not be skinny, top should cover butt, clothes should not be see -through. And i dont wear make up or perfume.
    8.People in my day to day life would FLIP. They would gossip about me, my parents would disown me.
    9.I don’t have an opinion on women that chose not to wear the hijab, because i am not in a position to judge them. Only God can.
    10. I think my beauty should only be revealed to someone who has worked hard, and proven their commitment to me. All the beauties of the world need hard work to get to.

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