More from Cairo

Y’all know that I love and adore the egyptian style hijab! Here are more pics from Cairo, Egypt, taken of egyptian photographer Myriam Abdelaziz. The pictures shows both models and “normal” people. The surprising thing is that the normal girls look 100 times more beautiful and glowing than their model counterparts. See for yourself:

Am I right? Which look do you like the most?

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9 thoughts on “More from Cairo

  1. ania says:

    Love it, they look beautiful. I wish I spent more time learning new hijab styles when I lived in Egypt. Now even after spending lots of time in front of the mirror cant create desired effect :(……….

  2. AnnisaBosnia says:

    i love masry style too..
    Your blog is very nice ,,,,,,,,
    I was in Cairo,i studied there..and i have my friends there also.
    Ummudunja is the best place of World
    Mea Salama Basbousa

  3. annisabosnia says:

    i lived in Cairo,becouse i studied there,and that is very nice place
    i like masry style,and i have a lot of friends in Cairo
    mea salama Besbousa

  4. annisabosnia says:

    i am sorry ,twice ,ha ha ha

  5. raquelevita says:

    My favorites are always the photos where people look radiant, happy, at peace and celebratory.

    On another note this makes me want to go fabric shopping. Love it.

  6. sayma says:

    i love their hijab styles, absolutely awesome

  7. khaidjah says:

    asalam alaikum my favs are the last 4 mashallah, i have tried so many times but it never turns out as neat lol, more like a ragdoll.

  8. المهندس/ حسن البهكلي says:

    Nice blog
    God bless you

    Eng. Hasan Al-Bahkali

  9. sayma says:

    i ove the last picture, the girl in the middle wearing hijab tied like a rose, looks awesome! how did she tie it like that?

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