Peacock professional

Less color than my usual outfits, but I would still wear it. The shirt dress is a stayer towards the colder season too (and good news for us hijabis, cuz we can layer it without melting away)… So is “power dressing”, but I prefer to keep it more casual. Put some colors to that outfit using peacock accessories.

Like shirt dresses?

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7 thoughts on “Peacock professional

  1. Tuba says:

    Oohh! I love this outfit, and the shirtdress is really nice! I stumbled upon this blog today and masha’Allah it’s great!

  2. Leila says:

    Lovely match, I like gray mucho, specially if u put some nice, lively colored jeweleries (like u did), looks really nice.

  3. Umm Salihah says:

    I love peacock feather designs so the bangle is right up my street. I susually mix it with black though, so this look with grey sis something different. I think it works though.

  4. ahsya says:

    I absolutely ADORE shirtdresses. Often if the shirtdress has an optional belt, i’ll remove it to make it more modest. Sometimes wear them as an over garment…like a mini-jilbab kind of thing…

  5. Dalila says:

    MashAllah !!!!!!!
    I ❤ itttt veryyy cute

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