Far East hijab style

I got a comment from sweet reader D-eby, where she asked me for more Indonesian fashion. To be honest, I love the style, but I didn’t find enough sources yet to write a whole post about that. On the other hand, I gathered some pictures of sisters from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. They really got style; here is the fab far East hijab:

So ladies, what do y’all think about the styles of our beautiful sisters in the East?

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17 thoughts on “Far East hijab style

  1. srtuba says:

    I ❤ the first picture! The striped shawls are just beautiful, masha’Allah.

  2. Muslim Girl says:

    The outfits of the girls at the top with the pashmina hijabs are so colourful and cute 🙂

    Muslim women all around the world look so beautiful in hijabs, mashAllah.


  3. raquelevita says:

    I love the KISS tshirt! Amazing 🙂 hehe. The cream-colored look at bottom left is classic, clean and elegant.

  4. Umm Salihah says:

    Mash’Allah, not only are they gorgeous, but very stylish and not at all self-conscious or try too hard.

  5. Celeritas says:

    I got one of my favourite hijabs in Brunei, a pashmina pattern cotton sllip on amira with a bit of foarm shaping in the front with fabric flowign down from there. I love to tie it in a knot on my chest.

  6. nursheikha says:

    my folks are from malaysia. they normally get magazines like nur, jelita, wanita when they come back. you could try visiting this site: http://www.karangkraf.com.my/E-Majalah/Media/mediaNew/ to see what they’ve got. majalah means magazine in malay.

  7. erica aisha says:

    Assallam Alaikum,

    Indonesian sisters have such great style! Those cap like hijabs with small reinforced brims are super cute. In fact, I’ve loved everything Indonesian since I was 14 and visited. It was also the first time I heard the Athan. *sigh* Indonesia is just lovely as is the culture.
    Thanks for the reminder and cute pics.


  8. D-eby says:

    Sister many thanks for this posting… 🙂 it so wonderful of you to find all of this pictures 🙂 must be hard i bet..he..he..

  9. shum says:

    i like the pic at the top, but their hijab is too colourful for me

  10. So they use foam to get that shaping in the front? I was wondering how they managed to get the “bonnet” look in some of those hijabs! They are lovely ~ I really like the striped hijab scarves and some of those outfits are to die for!

  11. Maria says:

    I simply love this hijabs! Nice colors too, I especially like the ones at the top. Perfect!

  12. aishaa says:

    assalam alaykom..

    Soo Colorful and prety
    but i just wanna tell u that 2 pics at bottom are from Indonesia..
    they are indonesian celebrity as i know..

  13. Anisah says:

    wow these pics are beautiful

  14. rasha says:

    i really wish you guys could show us how to do the very last hijab style

  15. ilove the color very nice… so cute:)

  16. JJ says:


    If all of u want a new collection about hijab, why not u buy magazine Dara.com. This is teenagers muslimah magazine from Malaysia. U also can search from FB Dara.com. Thanks.

  17. jehan says:

    yes, Michelle Therese we use a semi round curved plastic to shape the hijab at the front to give it an even circle or oval look

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