The Hijablog <3 Raquel Evita’s hijab style

Raquel Evita Saraswati has got style! Being a strong Muslim woman and a thinker/activist, she is not afraid to speak up on matters that often spark controversy. Check out Raquel Evita’s blog for her strong opinions, and scroll down for her fab hijab style. And people, let’s not be judgemental here. Let’s support this sister, she recently chose to wear the hijab full time…

Does this girl have style or what? I think the pictures where she wears the animal pattern hijabs are cute (I have the same ones myself). I think she looks gorgeous in the blue/turquoise hijab too.
What do you think?

Comments with personal attacks are not welcome, let’s keep it to the style!

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32 thoughts on “The Hijablog <3 Raquel Evita’s hijab style

  1. Personal attacks? Huh! No thanks! There’s nothing to attack about Raquel Evita ~ I have nothing but respect for anyone that is willing to live their religion *and* speak the truth about things!

    I’m so jelous about the hijab ~ I’m still struggling like a mad woman to get mine to work. First, how do you keep the lace underscarves from shooting off of your head hahahaha!! I put mine on and ZOOM! away they go!

    Also, WHERE did you get such FANTASTIC glam scarves with the metallics and such? I’ve been ordering scarves that look glam on the internet and then they get here and they are so cheap and tacky. (Though I haven’t gotten my most recent order from that new place in America so that’s not a report on them…)

    I’m so greatful that so many of you are willing to show your hijab styles on these blogs because people like me get so many wonderful ideas! No one wears head scarves around here and I want to set a good example that modesty does not have to = frumpy, dumpy, or grumpy!

    Here’s to color, flash, and fun!!

  2. P.S. I forgot to ask another question: What AM I doing so wrong with the hijab?? Whenever I wear anything, be it lace underscarves or Amira hijab… as soon as I pull the cloth/lace down on my forehead I look like an old pesant man!!! Not exactly the effect I am looking for… If I had a working camera I’d post pics for some critique but sadly our camera is dead. **Sigh** hahaha! I DONT WANT TO LOOK LIKE A MAN!!

  3. basbousa says:

    Michelle T, Raquel is really the sweetest, not everybody realize that she does a good job.

    About the hijab, keep on trying gurl! If you are using the lace underscarves, you might want to put a big clip on the back of your head, to try to prevent it from jumping of? I don’t have the problem myself, maybe because I have a looong scull 😛

    Try not pulling the hijab too much down on your forehead. I keep it a little under where my hair starts. Get your cam working, girl.

  4. Synnøve says:

    I just wanted to say, that this is a fantastic site!! I dont wear a hijab myself, and ofcorse the religious meaning to it is the most important thing,
    but it’s nice to see that you can be so creative and stylish. Keep up the good work, God bless:) You are amazing!

  5. Kine says:

    I am not a muslim, so I dont weat a hijab. But I’ve got to say that the blue/turquoise was amazing!

  6. khaidjah says:

    asalam alaikum sis

    why oh why dont mine look like that lol. i love these styles of hijab wearing mashallah, i think i need a little more practice lol.

    i absolutely love the turquoise as well mashallah its a beautiful colour.

    jazakallah for showing sis

    wa salam

  7. Ninaloui says:


    I just got back from a holiday in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. I am not a muslim myself, so I don’t wear a hijab, but I was blown away by how good the women there looked in their hijabs! Rarely have I seen women wear a piece of clothing with such elegance and pride, and a pretty face is almost even more pretty when framed by a beautifully tied headpiece (and there are ALOT of gorgeous women in the Gulf!)

    I especially loved one style that seemed very popular amongst young women; they tie their hijab so that the back part is large and stands out from their head (I suppose they’ve got something in there appart from their hair!?!) and the scarf hangs down behind them. Made them look like Arabic princesses, absolutely fantastic!

    I’m definitely going to check out on this blog how to tie the hijab, I couldn’t figure out how they managed to hide the knots!

  8. Mina says:

    Mashallah beautiful hujab style from the sister

    MT – Its not that hard to do, and you can get super silk, meatalics and almost every kinda hijab from H&M they do beautfiful hijabs with good prices

  9. primiii says:

    oh… my….!!!

    it’s amazing how these people do their hijab!!! my daily hijab is very simple and we use this little cap underneath our hijab so that we get a perfect shape framing our faces,,, i’ll probably send a pic one day! or i’ll put it in my blog!

  10. raquelevita says:

    Michelle, you are so kind – and funny! If your underscarf is pulled far down enough over your ears it shouldn’t slip. 🙂

    The blue / turqouise metallic was found at a tiny stand in the mall. It took me a week to justify going back to get it! Others I’ve gotten from table-vendors in New York. As Mina said, H&M has lovely scarves with little shimmering threads, and they’re very inexpensive.

    Thanks to everyone who’s left kind comments. I am so honored to be featured here, and kindness over judgement means so much right now. Shukran!

  11. Hana says:

    Mash’allah, what a stylish sister! I love the animal print scarf and the last photo– black over a red lace trim. Gonna have to go to the fabric store and see what a can whip up. And I just want to say again that the value of a pleasant appearance, whether one’s personal style is more quiet or more glam, shouldn’t be underestimated. Allah has given us this way to have halal fun, to obey His dictates of modesty, and to show non-Muslims and Muslim non-hijabis that being hijabi doesn’t mean being intimidating, beaten-down, or being without individuality.

  12. Alix says:

    MashaAllah girl, besides being absolutely gorgeous, I love how you wear your bracelets: D And the zebra scarf loooooks feirce. Alhamdulilah we have so many means of hijab available to us.

  13. OomHussam says:

    Awwww, masha`Allaah I love this style and the turqouise hijab is stunning on you sis, masha`Allaah!!! Sis Raquel I love love LOVE your blog also buy the way I was sobbing 1/2-way through the acid-throwing thread. I admire you a lot for shedding light on these issues!

    I also I love this the Hijab Blog masha`Allaah and since I have discovered it a couple days ago I’ve been checking on it a couple times a day to see what styles and things that you have posted. So thanks so much for the threads and the new styles, I am definitely loving Ebay right now hehe!

  14. Marianne says:

    Love the blue/turqoise one 😀 It is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t wear hijap myself, since I’m not a muslim. Haven’t seen it look this cool, more hijabgirls should think fashion as they put it on 😉

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  16. doriz jltzin says:

    Herlig, en sånn side har jeg egentlig lett lenge etter. Jeg synes hija er kjempepent, og synes det er fint at noen viser frem dets posetive og fashionible sider. Jeg elsker å se kvinner esprimentere med hvordan det kan brukes og spesielt i sammenheng med antrekk. Gleder meg til å se mer.

    xoxo ingeborg

  17. Muslimah says:

    First of all. Thats not hijab.
    If any of you have seen “Ask Baba Ali”‘s videos, you’ll know what a hijab is. You’re not supposed to make it attractive, wear earings and 10 kg of make up. What is the point of hijab? You make yourself even more attractive. Thats Haram. The point of wearing Hijab is to cover your hair so that you become less attractive, ie get less attention. But I think you guys haven’t got the point of it?
    A hadith says “If you want to know how much haram you keep doing, start counting the people that look at you” meaning for every person that looks at you, you get haram for it because if you were covering yourself properly, not 10 kg of make-up and not make urself attractive you wouldn’t get peoples attention. 🙂 Fashion is fun, and its very much fun to match and kind of be a part of the fashin world, but to a certain degree.
    I myself wear necklases, bracelets, rings mix and match my hijab, but I dont wear as much make-up because it is haram. Even a little is haram, but I wear little so it looks very natural. Remember that you alone will be lying in your grave, and all of this will be a part of your judgement.

    JazakAllah khair.

  18. basbousa says:

    Muslimah, actually I posted that video here a couple of weeks back. I think there are some points to it, but I think it’s up to everyone of us to decide what’s too much and whats not, of everything.

    What I don’t understand is that what you believe and what you practice are contradictions. If you really believe that even a little make up is haram, then why are you still wearing a little.

    That differs from me and this sister, because we actually believe we are not doing anything haram wearing makeup.

    Doing something you know (or think) is haram is worse than doing something you don’t think is haram…

    Anyway God knows our intentions! Peace to you, sister 🙂

  19. raquelevita says:


    Assalamu aleikum sister. I respect your views, though I don’t think your judgements are exactly fair. Take the blue hijab photo for instance. I am at a very elaborate Indian wedding. I was wearing head-to-toe black other than what you see. Quite appropriately, people were looking at the bride and the dressed up women in her family, not me! Realistically speaking, though, plenty of us get looks even with a bare face. Thankfully, Allah is merciful and knows our intentions.

    And I swear, my eye makeup weighs less than 1.07 ounces – and that’s only lip balm! 🙂

  20. OneUmmAh says:


    I’ve been reading some of the comments here. And first of all, I would like to comment to what Basbousa said:

    “Doing something you know (or think) is haram is worse than doing something you don’t think is haram…”

    So when did it become up to us to “think” that stuff is haraam or halal? Do we make our on rules in Islam? I dont think so sister, and if you think something is haraam or halal, you can’t just choose what suits you best. You have to follow the religion.

    I mean I agree with you that we can’t say something and do something else. But you can’t say that make-up for you isnt haraam but in Islam it really is, so does that mean you practise Islam or you practise your own views then?

    No one is perfect, hijab or no hijab. But a porper Muslim woman has to cover her attractive parts and that’s not just the HAIR! Wearing tight fitting clothes and tons of make up, where does the hijab fit in? The hijab isn’t just a cloth, it’s a way of life and if we know its true meaning, we should follow it with honor and respect.

    And a comment for you Raquelevita:

    “Realistically speaking, though, plenty of us get looks even with a bare face. Thankfully, Allah is merciful and knows our intentions. ”

    Well if we get looks with bare faces, then you know it’s your own natural beauty that attracted them and you can’t do anything about that. But when you wear make up that makes you even more beautiful and in an even more attractive way, there will be more people staring at you and most of them in a non-decent way.

    Yes sister, Allah swt is merciful and he knows our intentions. And even though your intentions are clean, that doesn’t mean people’s intentions are clean, the more attractive we are, the more dirty looks we will get. And we can at least prevent a little of that, by not looking sooo attractive in public.

    I hope I haven’t offended you, and inshAllah hope you know that I only want whats best for you and all our Muslim sisters. It’s important for us portray Islam and our role in Islam, in the besty way we can.

    JazakumAllah khayr

  21. shum says:

    First of all, mashallah sis you look like a model, completely stunning! I love all the pics posted here.

    Second, Muslimah, you are such a say how it is haram to wear make-up, yet you wear little?! If your that bothered, dont wear ANY MAKE-UP at all! Who are you to judge how much make-up one wears, yet you try to justify yours? Talk about making your own rules up! You are in no position to judge, that is for allah.

  22. Celeritas says:

    Michelle – As helpfully referred to me on my blog You can get metallic hijab like that Raquel was wearing from Rebirth of Chic and from eBay by searching for three layer silk or peacock hijab like this one here.

    Allah swt knows best when it comes to hijab and everything else!

  23. basbousa says:

    OneUmmAh – I think you misunderstood me, sister. I never meant that we should make up our own rules. But you gotta stand for what you believe in. With “to think that something is haram”, I didn’t mean that we should pick the rules that fit us. If you can show me a verse in the holy Quraan that states that makeup is completely haraam, then maybe I will think so too…
    You should know very well that people think different in Islam, we even have four major “lawschools” only in sunni Islam, where one might say that eating shrimps is haram, while one might say that everything from the sea is halal….

  24. Alix says:

    Yet again all, make-up isn’t something that is spelt out like “wore a headress” “no perfume” in either Qu’ran or hadith. Some have the argument it is implied, and even scholar disagreed about kohl being shown for women who leave one eye free to see when they veil their faces. Since it is something even scholars have different opinions on you cannot call it halal of haram but state encouraged , tolerated, or discouraged (not forbidden or obligatory ect.). The Qu’ran advises us not to split ourselves into factions and hadith enourages to seek all knowledge. If we were to have listened to only the opinion of one companion, or one scholar, we would be the same as if we just watched Fox news and decided all Muslims are terrorists. Some things are clear to others, that seem vague to others. Study fiqh (all the schools of thought), be able to fluently read the original arabic and sahih ahadith, and THEN you can think about delivering a fatwa. Till then, everything you or I spout is our personal opinion and beliefs. Sorry for the long post Basbousa but I can see some fitnah coming here in some of the comments.

  25. Alix says:

    And UmmUmmah: I have found a way to wear make-up so that less men look at me and think I am beautiful than when I went bare-faced. I did it by noting stares and comments. Soooo… your opinion that make-up always makes us attractive to the opposite sex is the exact opposite of what I have personally experienced. It does always seem to make us more attractive to OUR sex though: D. Women are SSOOOOOOOOoooooooo judgemental, astighfurallah. LOL

  26. raquelevita says:

    Celeritas – That link is exactly the scarf I was wearing! Snatch it up ladies -that’s a good deal 🙂

  27. raquelevita says:

    My dear sisters:

    Assalamu aleikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatuhu. First, I want to say how much it has personally meant to me to be featured here. Not because of the fashion or the compliments, even – but because I have been able to feel some support and acceptance among my fellow Muslims. Something I don’t get to feel that often. It has truly meant a lot to me.

    The recent commentaries break my heart. Due to some of my activism, I’ve been getting a lot of criticism and even hate from people of many backgrounds. It has been lovely, up until today, to see Muslim women trying to build each other up rather than tear each other down. In the past year, I have done a lot of reflection and reevaluation of where I stand and what I wish to achieve. That reflection – and even dissent within my own community – is actually what led me to my decision to wear hijab full-time. I will tell you right now that this is a decision my colleagues fully and wholeheartedly support. Sisters, my experience in trying to reform some of our community’s behaviors has truly made me fall more in love with our faith. Being involved in my current work has only strengthened my faith and taught me more about what Islam really is. And that, I think, is worth celebration – not condemnation.

    I have no interest in “changing” Islam, nor do I wish to “justify” any behavior or lifestyle. It’s not my place. The one and final thing I will say about it is this – only our Creator knows the full truth of anything. He will judge each of us, including me. Each step we take is measured by His precepts, and each breath we take has been given by His grace. I am nothing without His forgiveness, and I am nothing without His love.

    The Qur’an compels each of us to act for justice. Being a reform-minded Muslim is not about changing Islam itself. Sisters, that is the furthest from my intention. I am interested in us, as a community, taking greater action against the things don e in our name. For example, we know that honor killings and child executions are wrong. We, as Muslims, each need to do more about these issues. Reforming the mainstream Muslim mindset means challenging those who act as if these things are justified by Islam. All of us know that they are not. Not enough of us feel the courage to do something about it, however. That’s where I stand.

    We also know that the Qur’an tells us to not speak ill of each other. That some suspicions “are indeed sins.” I hope, above all, that you will all continue to support sister Basbousa even if you continue to judge me. She featured me here to support a fellow Muslimah. Lifting each other up only encourages us to be better people. It would be nice if we all worked to support each other too. That may not happen, as much as I would like it to.

    Thank you to those who have had kind words. Ma’salaama.

  28. raquelevita says:

    So, um, back to style…. *smile*

  29. Raquel Evita, I have nothing but a healthy admiration for you because you are not afraid to take sensative, distasteful issues by the horns and speak out about them. I’m often appalled by two things: Er… three things ~ first, my spelling hehehe! But two things really get under my skin.

    First, the self-satisfying, self-centered Feminists who rant and rave and carry on about “Choice” and then spend most of their time focusing on having the right to sleep around like prostitutes and have abortions while there are starving children and abused/murdered women suffering the world over. You know… the REAL issues that you mention on your blog?? And then these self-gratification oriented Feminists try and legally remove the “freedom to choose” from anyone *they* disagree with.

    Secondly, I can’t stand spineless, wimpy women that refuse to take a powerul stand for what they believe in because they are total cowards and cannot handle confrontation ~ and YET they will attack and tear into any women that actually have spines and the courage to take a firm stand against what they believe are sins against God!! (Umm Imran is obviously NOT one of those wimpy kinds of women and so she has my respect as well! (Due to my dyslexia it took six tries to spell “Imran” and I’m still not sure I have it right hehehe…))

    We women have the ability to bring about justice in this hurting world if we actually get off of our duffs, quit yapping on our cell phones and watching our soap operas and take a powerful, God-centered stand against evil and injustice. It is so incredibly frustrating when I try and discuss REAL ISSUES with my fellow women and they give me a blank look and then carry on about how much weight they need to lose and gee, did I watch last night’s episode of blah-blah-blah??

    Like the TV and the cell phone, the Internet can be a place to hide away from the pains and evils of the world OR it can be used as a tool to spread God’s justice from one corner of the globe to the other. I have nothing but the deepest respect for any and all women who use their Blogs not only for fun posts but also to discuss, and bring to light, the real issues concerning the sufferings of FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS around the world.

    The reason so many women totally WIMP out is because the second you take a stand, dress modest, and/or start flapping your jaws about the evils and sins of this world ***and how they are hurting other human beings*** Satan attacks and he attacks visiously via fellow women!! And this starts up the moment you so much as say “peep” against evil. This is actually a good sign because it means that you are on the right path and you are making Satan AFRAID and he is now trying to shut you up and scare you away. He wants you to join the trembling ranks of the Wimpy Women…

    Women’s Rights are very important. No woman should be abused or harassed in the name of religion or just because. However, the buck doesn’t stop here because ALL human beings deserve the right to be free of abuse and harassment! While I acknowledge that homosexual sex is a sin, I also acknowledge that homosexual human beings, my fellow brothers and sisters created by God, deserve protection from abuse and persecution. They deserve justice, not evil, and anyone that lays a hand against a homosexual person or discriminates against them or otherwise brings harm against them ~ be it physical or personal ~ is doing the work of Satan and not the work of God. We are not to deny that homosexual sex is a sin but at the same time we are not to join the ranks of satanic abusers. In this sense, “Gay Rights” is spot-on. But *only* in this sense. All of the other “rights” are not rights, they are permissions to live in sin without anyone acknowledging that sin and I can never support that. Yet I will never spit on a gay person or call for their abuse and harassment!!

    And this is because… I am also a sinner!! I am also making mistakes on a daily basis. I am right there in the ranks of sinful human beings and you know what? If we sinners are promised the mercy of God Himself… how dare we humans deny mercy to one another? Yes, we must tell the truth and always stand firm against sin but how can we expect the mercy of God if we do not show mercy towards our fellow human beings? I know you are Muslims and I am Catholic but please endure a Bible quote: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy…”

    To all women out there who have the guts and the spines to stand up against those who violate the law of God in its many, disgusting manifestations: KEEP AT IT! The persecution you face is 100% normal. It shows you that you have satan running scared…

  30. Er… I wasn’t saying that the Law of God has many disgusting manifistations… I was saying that there were many disgusting ways that people violate the Law of God… Ooopsie!

  31. basbousa says:

    Due to personal attacks, I hereby close this thread.
    When I post pictures, I normally don’t think about what background that person has. I still think that Raquel Evita’s hijabstyle looks great, and I still support many of the subjects she has written about in her blog lately.

    Due to my nature (I don’t like to judge people or think the worst about people I don’t know), I never googled Raquel. She warned me that bad stuff might come up, that didn’t necessarily reflect her true opinions, you all know how “evil” the internet and peoples misconceptions can be.

    We all make bad and good choices, and none of us can be the first in line to say he/she is sin free. I support all the people out there who try to follow the Quraan the best they can, not harming others, and trying to stay true to the teachings of the Prophet SAW.

    Sorry that I had to moderate some comments, I really don’t like to do that. Have a good day, keep visiting, and may God bless you all!

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