African Queens with hijab

There are some sisters that dress even more colorful than Egyptians. That’s all our sisters in the rest of Africa (not including the North). With beautiful wraps and hijabs, their elegance is undeniable.

Here are some of Africas proud sisters:

I know, maaaany pictures. But that’s because those sisters look gorgeous. I couldn’t decide on which pictures to use.
What do you think?

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23 thoughts on “African Queens with hijab

  1. Muha says:

    Salaam aleikum. For some reason, I love the last one. I have seen it before, a couple of days ago, and it makes me remember my somali sisters. Dont even know if those are somalis, but…

    I saw some gorgeous pics from a school in Somalia the other day, it was really pretty, but sure, I forgot to save them. All the girls had khimars in their class colour, like if they were in lets say third grade, all had green, and in fourth, all had yellow. And teachers also, in same colour.

  2. hannah says:

    lovely!! do you know what that coin headband-like thing is called?

  3. Hana says:

    I think you have to have a darker/stronger complexion than my pasty-white Anglo skin to pull off those vivid colors, but they sure are beautiful! I love wearing the larger wraps– plenty of coverage and pretty drape.

  4. OomHussam says:

    Masha`Allaah I love the coin ones they are very beautiful. Thanks so much for posting all these pictures!

    African style is very beautiful, my husband’s mama is from Sudan and the way she looks is very powerful and so pretty in the bright colours!

  5. raquelevita says:

    Thanks so much for bringing yet another great post to us. Many spend so much time thinking only about x or y group of countries, and our African sisters get forgotten. I’m loving these images!

  6. hani says:

    Agreed, those coin headbands are cool. Love the 1st pic gaze.

  7. Sharshura says:

    I love this post!!! It is so great that you did a post on hijab style in Africa and not just Morocco. Like Raquel said this part of the world is ignored and too many times do we only focus on one or two regions. BTW I love the coins pics too. Keep up the good work!!

  8. Celeritas says:

    Love this post!

    Note to haters of Western sisters wearing colored hijab or ‘Western’ clothes, our Muslim sisters all over the world wear their traditional clothing, traditional colors within modesty limits.

  9. So much colour! I love it!! I’m totally into colour and now I’m so inspired to bring much more colour into my life! Today I found some good glam hijab. I let myself be daring and purchased some orange colours: two scarves and a slightly glam orange striped underscarf. So fun!!

    It’s great to see how women dress modestly all over the world. There are so many wonderful ideas to share!

  10. Habayeb says:


  11. AsSalamu Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi ua Barakatuhu sis!
    U know, i really love it, but this look is one of this that u do love!… but in somebody else, I’m afraid to wear such a glam colours and look ridiculous, because even when I’m Latin my skin isn’t olive! I’m more like Hanna…buuu:( why we don’t look amazing in such colours?!!!!

  12. abenyusuf says:

    Assalâm ‘alaikum,
    The 4th before the end is the most rich and elegant, I propose. Shukran for all the beautiful smiles.
    Ma’a assalâma.

  13. I’d say any woman would love lovely in such bold colours! Have faith ~ we are always our own worst critics!

  14. “love lovely” = look lovely LOL ooops

  15. khaidjah says:

    asalam alaikum sis

    my friend is from somalia and mashallah the way she wears her hijab is beutiful, she uses really large pieces of material and wraps herself up and its looks so elegant. when i try lol i look like a badly wrapped parcel lol.

    wa salam

  16. Umm Salihah says:

    Jazakh’Allah-khairun for these great pictures, they really celebrate the beauty of my sisters.

  17. Alix says:

    The coin headress includes braided hair sticking out soooo I prefer the Omani coin headresses but I love the bright bolts of fabrid in africa!!!!! How I miss Africa. Mmmmm. Alix is homesick.

  18. African women have much to teach about beauty! The internet is such a blessing because it brings us these lessons!

  19. Latifa says:

    Mashallah, it is soooooooooooooo beautiful

  20. erica5aisha says:

    Sallam Sis,

    I’ve written a blog about hijab styles and the Islamic Women’s fashion show at my University. SO, I’ve used some of your fabulous collection of pictures… and thanked you on my blog too 🙂

    Plus I loooove your hijabi style blog.

    lovely hijabi style!

  21. afggirlx says:

    wow mashallah , its soo beautiful 🙂

  22. queen zeinab says:

    hi iam from somalia.i love the pictures thank u .i love hijab so much with style .plz put more other pic who are more fashionable

    my greeting all the sisters in islam
    peace of allah be upon u

  23. bilquis3000 says:

    These sisters are inspiringly beautiful in their colorful hijab. am looking for some african style hijab as am a Muslim of African heritage who live in the western hemisphere, who want to dress in clothes that reflect my heritage. is my e-mail address if anyone wants to send some ideas for that kind of dress. I would be thankful indeed for any assistance.

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