Lacoste Hijabi?

So this is an outfit from the Lacoste F/W 08′ collection.  It’s almost ready to wear for us hijabis, with fitted hijab and everything. Seems very practical and warm, especially if you live in a cold country like Norway.

But the question is; would you work this look or not?

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9 thoughts on “Lacoste Hijabi?

  1. Jana says:

    There is sooo much headwear in the Fall 08 collections! I personally wouldn’t wear this (hate tucking trousers into boots), but I know girls who already do 😀

  2. Amelita says:

    I think this look is deffinatly hot. I don’t think I could pull it off myself, but yeah. Hot, imo.

  3. Muha says:

    Its not even near hijab, so I would not wear anything remotely similar. Unless it was ofcourse, under my jilbab.

  4. OomHussam says:

    I like this look, it looks comfy and warm for where I live it is FREEZING cold on this Michigan farm in the winter hehe, I would definitely like this look and would wear it! I like the big ol’ scarf too!

  5. basbousa says:

    Right, girl! What is so FAR from hijab with this outfit?!? It’s almost like you can wear it right away if you like the style…

  6. Er…no. LOL

    It’s just so… uh… “It’s-Saturday-and-I’ve-never-bothered-to-change-out-of-my-pajamas…” coupled with “I-stole-Dr.-Evil’s-Sunglasses” and finally topped off with, “And-I-also-stole-Godzilla’s-Scarf”

    The boots… egads! But the fake snow? Yeah, I could *totally* work the fake snow!!


  7. INAL says:

    I would change the pants for a long set; or a skirt and change the boots to another color. Grab a cape or oversized coat and I am good to go in New York, when I am there this would be a nice outfit to wear in a city where you can wear anything you want.
    I’d tone down the bulky scarf I’m not that tall to pull it off – hehehehe

  8. veghijabi says:

    I, as well, am curious as to why one sister called this not even close to hijab…? The color and detail is very plain, not attention-calling…it’s loosely neck, ears, or arms are showing …what is nonhijabi about it?

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