Thank you!

I just want to thank all of my readers for visiting, reading and making my blog a success. It all started with being mentioned in the Guardian, and now I have been on the wordpress blog toplist for two days.

Yesterday I did two radio interviews, you can hear one of them here (it is in Norwegian, and it contains a lot of ehhhhh…. mmmm…, remember, I’m new to all this stuff), or you can check out the written version here, or in a badly google translated text here. By the way, the header “there is nothing wrong with being beautiful” was from when I explained that Muslim women can be beautiful “just not in the wrong way”, not sexy. We can not wear tight, see through clothes, for example…

So guys, THANK YOU!

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9 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Jana says:

    Aww I knew yours was the best one to give to Homa. Power to hijabis!

  2. basbousa says:

    Thank you, dear! I have always mentioned yours, too, to the people that have interviewed me. I love your blog, we have almost the same style going on!

  3. Hijabista says:

    Assalamo aleykum,
    Nei, du kjære. Det er heller takk til deg! Det er ikke ofte at nordmenn assosierer noe positivt med ordet hijab. Det synes jeg at du har klart på kort tid med denne bloggen.
    (også har du gjort meg avhengig av å stikke innom her hver dag! Selvom jeg ikke akkurat går med egyptisk hijab, er det smittende å se på andre kvinner som bruker hijab 🙂 )

    Forresten, det var nydelige farger du hadde på deg! Fortsett med det flotte arbeidet ditt 🙂

  4. Jana says:

    Yeah we do 😀 I can’t believe you have 145 hijabs!!! Makes my 30 odd look small hehe. 3a fekra you look kind of Syrian in these photos 😀

  5. This is great!! So much information getting out to the world about modesty!

    Maybe I’m wrong but… I don’t equate “beauty” with “sexy.” They are two different things. We can look beautiful with colour and a bit of glam and still have chaste purity in that beauty. A man can look at beauty and be inspired to thank God. I mean, with some men no matter WHAT they are going to feel lust about women even those women who are dressed in dull, shapeless sacks. This blog has inspired me to celebrate my femininity through beautiful colour and not drab frumpery.

  6. INAL says:

    I am brand new to this site; feel in love with the pices you showed instantly, with minor exception.
    I thank YOU for bringing this to the world for all of us to see…

    I travel a lot because of family; and yet I have learned that in my particular case I have to turn hijab wearing into something more glamourous and trendy because of the job and position it holds in the organization. Frumpy would not have gotten me promoted. That I am the only executive in hijab says alot of my employers; but puts the pressure on me to not be labeled frumpy; straight out of the garbage can; Woman in Black oppressed; and other nomers.

    Even when I go from NY scrubs; to suits; to saris (Tibetan Style and with a turban to offset the nice jewel tones of the tunics- instead of the cholies – which I leave only for my husbands appreciation) to all enveloping Abayas and shaylas (I always make sure my saylas are distinctively me even if they are all black) and the nikab de riguer in Yemen; I always feel it necessary to give a good impression to the world- I don’t do it to catch anyones attention- I do it to keep my career on the upswing (sorry that extra pay check helps nowadays); to keep my husband delighted and to keep my in-laws happy as well- where they come from the better groomed the daughter-in-law the better off the family status is; to keeping my self happy as I see a need for.

    Thanks again for giving us tons of Ideas!!!

  7. basbousa says:

    INAL, thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! Wow, you seem like you have a very interesting background, staying in Yemen, owning Tibetan saris and everything. Have you got a blog yourself?

    Keep visiting 🙂

  8. INAL says:

    Will do basbousa…I started a blog recently- its still in its infancy- so cries; rails; bawls, laments and all other things :)) you can come share; but I warn you I also have a dark side…I’m working on it…I also have a big mouth (oy!) can’t always keep a lid when like in Yemen things for women go south – now that has gotten me into not so juicy trouble – My university mentors pumping me up to write- and my husband about to wring my neck kinda thing!

    But yes, travel a lot – work like a fiend and when I should be in bed I come to places like yours to lift my spirits and rejoice in our femininity…

    Come to shadjar on wordpress – and I take suggestions like if I were a marine sponge!

    Definitely will keep coming back and tell my friends – for sure!!!!

  9. basbousa says:

    I read the entries you have on your blog, good job. I don’t know a lot about the life in Yemen, so that’s very fascinating to read about.

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