More brides with hijab

You gotta be prepared for the big day, and it’s not always enough inspiration with the made up egyptian models. So here are some more or less “real” brides, from other parts of the world. I’m pretty sure the first picture is from a magazine or something, though. That picture is just too perfect!

So, which hijab bride style do you like the most?

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32 thoughts on “More brides with hijab

  1. hani says:

    Mashallah Number 3 is like an angel.

  2. Muha says:

    Am I the only one who does not see the point in a wedding-dress with hijab?

    I loove them all, they are really pretty, its not that, but what is the point? I would never have needed one in my wedding…

  3. basbousa says:

    Only because you have segregrated parties? Well not everybody wants that. I have not been to a single segregrated wedding party in Norway, nor Egypt. And in Norway I have been to wedding parties held by people of different origins.

    If you are talking about segregrated weddings, I’m sorry, everybody can’t be like that.

  4. basbousa says:

    I’m sorry if that came out a little bit harsh. What I’m saying is that many people don’t see segregrated weddings as an option

  5. Muha says:

    I have only been to segregated weddings, and from what I heard from my friends around the world, its the norm in their lives. If there is someone in their family who do un-segregated marriages, they simply just dont go there.

    In Algeria, when I lived there, I must have been to a wedding each week, and there was the tradition for the groom to come bring his wife from the party, but there they wear a special hooded cloak for that, “brnous”, so she will be covered anyway, it has a big hood, that covers even the makeup.

    It should be an option, if that is what the bride wants. Or the groom. I dont see why families make such a huge fuzz about weddings. I seen girls in Algeria fight their families to have a segregated wedding without male DJs, and to have religious weddings, but… Sadly, I know its not always an option, but it should be. Islam should come before culture, dont you agree?

  6. basbousa says:

    *SEGREGATED , sorry for the wrong spelling 😦

  7. basbousa says:

    In Egypt earlier, and among more traditional, sometimes lower income families, I know that they do segregated weddings.

    However, I don’t understand why it is necessary with segregated weddings. People should do what they want. And ofcourse, Islam should come before culture.

    But, show me where it says you should not have segregated weddings. As far as I know, women and men can eat together, even pray together without a stupid curtain or without using another room.

    New, invented stuff to make Islam “stricter” really makes me surprised. If we say that Islam is perfect (it certainly is), why are we always in need for modifications, to make Islam look strickter than what it is.

    I mean ofcourse if one wants to dance in a wedding, maybe you need segregated weddings. But if one believes in segregated wedding parties, does one not believe that such music is haram?

    I don’t believe either. But give me proof from Quraan or hadith about segregated weddings, that cannot be misunderstood, and I might believe it.

  8. moon says:

    wow all of them. I love the first and last most.
    Inshallah when i get married i want to have something like it! We wear red mostly at weddings wonder how these wil look in red?

  9. raquelevita says:

    If I ever do find the marriage that will last, I will absolutely use images like these for inspiration.

    Truly excellent points, sister basbousa, about imposing further “strictness”. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  10. hal786 says:

    same here moon, im from england but backgrounds kashmir or pakistan if u like, n we were red mostly. if only my relatives could c these pics, coz wen i went back home pakistanis r more englishfied than english pepl lol!
    i wear a hijab, n my relatives wer surprised, n wen we started wearin jilbabs ther were like whats wrong with u? lol. islam shoud def cum b4 culture, cuz pakis r 2 muc in2 culture. i would luv sum1 in my family 2 wear a hijab at their weddin and be covered.

    i luv these pics , the 1st one is perfect, but the last one wont show up on my computer

  11. Kholod says:

    Ur blog is very creative and inspirational! I like it a lot. It has given me lot of ideas and it has saved me a lot of browsing the net for hijab fashion.

    The veiled brides above are BEAUTIFUL but personally I would prefer a segregatedwedding party, where I can wear anything I want to, minus the hijab, and enjoy my special day to the max. I can’t picture myself wearing hijab at my wedding day, dancing dabke and having fun! I would look silly. The hijab outifit would restrict me to act in a certain way. I would not want to do that at my special day.

    Well done Basbousa and keep it up! Keep us updated with the latest on hijab fashion. I adore ur good work!


  12. basbousa says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  13. OomHussam says:


    These styles are gorgeous sis, masha`Allaah. I wore this shiny turqouise at my wedding with a matching hijab because we had a mixed party, masha`Allaah. I also agree I don`t think its necessary for having a segregated parties or living that way its not in the Quran, etc. so we shared the day with everyone masha`Allaah.

  14. These are lovely dresses and hijab! It took me ages to find a modest wedding dress and even then, with a dress with long sleeves and so many yards of satin it made my eyes water… I still had to have a seamstress put in a panel across the chest. A big panel!! I couldn’t help but wonder why there was so much satin all the way to the floor and uh… none of it on the chest??

    If I had known about wedding hijab I would have worn it for the ceremony at least! The reception/dance hall was far too hot for me to wear anything on my head. All that satin was like an oven as it was!

  15. you no what raquel i love your inpiration and i love you you are so beutiful
    love ya!!!!!!!

  16. i hope you send a message bavk to me love ya

  17. Moon says:

    HAl 786, I know just what u mean!
    I told my mom i wanted to wear a white outfit on my wedding and she flipped!!! πŸ™‚
    It was soooo cool to watch her reaction, she was like noooooo u only wear white when someone dies!!!… Culture comes in the way!!!

    Before she’d never let me wear black either, but alhamdolillah for the last 5 yrs i’ve bneen wearing a black Abaya with a black hijaab, she’s tolerated it but she’s been after me to at least wear a different coloured hijaab. I’m trying to do that, but i still find the black more modest for me…. so far i love the turkish hijaabs with the silk underscarves, they look sooooo prettty. Think i might change to those with black abaya

    Sorry if i’m hijacking your blog!!!

    Thanks for a lovely posts Basbousa!!!

  18. basbousa says:

    Moon, thank you for visiting

  19. hal786 says:

    moon, i think our familys r EXACTLY the same lol, forget white one of my aunts wore pink instead of red n they wer like omg!

  20. hal786 says:

    basbousa i dont know if ur online, but something i noticed, i dont no wear u liv maybe its the time diiference, but im in england n i commented last at 10.09 AM BUT IT SAY PM. i think the am pm r mixed up…***u can delete this comment afterwards if u want***

  21. basbousa says:

    LoL, hal786, thanks for noticing πŸ™‚ I think it should be ok now!

  22. Sweet Begonias says:

    these are all malaysian style hijabs, except the last one

  23. asha says:

    i love these styles i think our sisters who getting married these days should be informed it would be great

  24. fahima says:

    salaam i just wanted to know if you knew of any website that i could buy some hijaby wedding gowns?

  25. riotersbloc says:

    Moon, interesting you should mention culture as a white wedding dress is also cultural. I always find it really strange when I go to Arab weddings and they wear white wedding dresses like Christian brides, and have bridesmaids and all that. I’m not saying it is unIslamic or anything (actually is it the Sunnah?? I know it is for guys, but haven’t heard about women…) it’s just different to what I’m used to. In my culture brides wear any colour really, although I’ve never seen one wear black or white. However that said I agree that you shouldn’t HAVE to wear a red gown just because culture dictates – I’m from a Desi background so know how important it is to some parents but hardly anyone from my country wears red anymore anyway, so I doubt my mum will try and force that on me. I’m planning to wear green, black and gold inshaAllah πŸ˜€

  26. Soha says:

    Please anyone help me Im trying to find a classy, beautful hijab for my wedding. i have been looking all over and cannot find one please leave me any websites. Thank You all

  27. louise says:

    hi I’am a converted muslime and i would have to say i love the last one very moroccan like to me but i could be wrong but it looks like a moroccan style wedding dress

    • Amina says:

      Hello Louise you’re right the last one is a Moroccan style wedding dress I’m moroccan and we have diferrent styles the bride is suppose to wear in her wedding almost 5 traditionnal dresses with different colours plus the white dress at the end of the party u can check the photos on google by typing “Moroccan weddings” ^^

  28. saleena says:

    i know the girl in the first picture!!! she’s my cousin!
    and yes she absolutely lukd as perfect as that on her big day!

  29. muhammad says:

    salam my enquiry is that i am living in cheboksary i am searchig bride with hijab for nikha , well plz help me in finding , inshallah allah will bless you.I am 33 male sunni.
    allah hafiz

  30. Anum says:

    i love no 4 n left

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