Late summer, early fall

Mkay, it’s still summer.. I think I have been too obsessed with all the fab fun fall fashion to even notice. But this top requires a little summer. Chic and cheap from forever 21, and sooo right for this summer. The many colors makes this top very versatile, you can match it with anything. I think we should call this a late summer/early fall outfit. Use some scarves with colors from the top and create a messy hijab 🙂

Like the top?

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5 thoughts on “Late summer, early fall

  1. Kholod says:

    I love the olive green color! It looks elegant on most ppl and it matches all possible occasions.
    The top matches great with the jeans. Thumps up for the outfit!


  2. Jana says:

    Love the top! If only we had F21 here in the UK, they have such cute stuff!

  3. Celeritas says:

    Wow sweet outfit, I’d definitly wear that.

  4. Jamila says:


    Just browsin through and I saw this outfit. I love it! Do you know where I can find it, please?

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