Turkish Turban Hijab

I have already posted some pictures from this place before, so this is just a reminder for those of you that still didn’t check it out. Go ahead and check it now. They have tons of pictures of wedding and partystyled hijabs, it’s like a goldmine of inspiration. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, they style your hijab for the special occation. Here are some of my favorites;

Would you wear a styled hijab like these?

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18 thoughts on “Turkish Turban Hijab

  1. moon says:

    salaam! Love then all n would definitely be wearing one like this on a special occasion.

  2. hal786 says:

    these r soo beautiful omg
    would u have to go turkey to get em?
    some if their site doesnt work properly for me

  3. INAL says:

    I wear something like these when I wear saris at functions I go to from my work. Since the saris are in Tibetan style (high necked tunics in place of cholies) the turban is the perfect wrap.
    They are lovely!

  4. Mariam says:

    These are gorgeous.. I love the top left style.

  5. erica aisha says:


    The top two pics are my favorite. I would totally sport such cute and extravagant styles. The top right photo intrigues me. Is it fabric with beading over it, or beaded fabric?


    erica aisha

  6. Mohammad says:

    Veldig fine bilder, dette blir mote i vesten en dag;)

  7. *~Ange~* says:

    i hate turbans.. but i love that blue one. such a nice shade.. so soft..

  8. Hana says:

    Salaam alaikum Inal, that sounds fascinating. You couldn’t share a link to a photo, could you? I’ve never heard of Tibetan saris.

  9. nursheikha says:

    i’d probably wear the maroon and purple for office and special events

  10. khaidjah says:

    asalam alaikum sis

    mashallah i would defo wear if i was going to a wedding or party.

    wa salam

  11. I like the white, purple, and maroon ones!!

  12. INAL says:

    hana here is something close- used in Burma at one point in time –

    http://www.siue.edu/COSTUMES/PLATE119AX.HTML- the woman to your right
    And this one

    You wear a tunic- or kurta but those that are high round neck or “chinese” style neck – and you wear the sari Gujarati style…meaning the pallu is swung from the back as a folded ban than comes over your shoulder and secured with a pin.

    I got the idea while watching a Hindi movie that was set at the foot hills of the Himalayas…The women there wore the tibetan tunics with the saris- an aha moment!

    But I can’t find anything recent- the movie by the way was called “15 Park Street” about a woman gone insane and both her external and internal world…

    I again saw them in “Exotica” a weekly hindi show that showcases the various turistic places around India- and there again in the areas of the north I saw this same style…in silk jewel tone tunics- awesome!

    I would like to give you a modern me look- but I can’t post my own pics – sorry

  13. INAL says:

    Hana – sorry in my fevor I did not give you proper salam

    Wa Alaikum Salaam my sister!

  14. parachuu says:

    salam! thanx for sharing these pictures 🙂 I’ve always wandered how they tie the turkish hijabs, they always seem so high on top of the head! Ive never dared to ask any turkish sister… :S

  15. […] Kuafor. As you might remember, I have posted about these wonderful formal styles earlier, here and here. Well, they have got some new pictures up, which are worth checking out if you need inspiration for […]

  16. hasna says:

    i really need help!! my sisster has a wedding in 10 days and i don’t know how to wear hijab in different style as i saw in this beautifful web site mashaallah..i live in new york in queens can pls any body show me any spot or salon i can go to ..thx

  17. Aisha says:

    http://www.hazirturban.org and http://www.aishasbridal.com you can see our new ready to wear hijabs and ready to wear bridal hijabs models and you can buy online… Thanks…

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