Pocahontas hijab styled

So this is not exactly my style, but it shows that you can come a long way with a little money and a little creativity. The outfit to the left is from the Anna Sui Fall/Winter 08′ collection, and the very similar top is from Forever21.

How I love Forever21, you can always find modest and cheap clothing and scarves there. Why don’t they open here in Europe 😦

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14 thoughts on “Pocahontas hijab styled

  1. hani says:

    oooh, love this one. Where is the scarf from? 🙂

  2. Habayeb says:

    we have forever21 in dubai 😀

  3. basbousa says:

    Really???? I’m so jealous!

  4. Sharshura says:

    You know forever has a website!! You could at least order off of it. Maybe if more ppl order from the website from Europe, it will come!!! Or you could always go the route of the compassionate letter to the company. ;~)

  5. basbousa says:

    Sharshura, believe me, I order a lot from there. But my order has to be under 38 $, or else the stupid tax people charges 25% of what I paid extra!!!! And when I order for like 38$, I pay something like 40$ for shipping!!! That’s just not right!!!

  6. I’m loving these layering ideas with jeans… so nice! But I can’t seem to find affordable over-tunics like that.

    Sadly Forever21 doesn’t seem to have anything in plus size. *Sniffle*

    Basbousa, I know your pain! I order a lot of things from the States because the UK is very limited in range and sizes. I get nailed with having to pay 1/3 of the total cost of what I bought for “handling, taxes, and custom fees.” Total highway robbery if you ask me!!!!

  7. Basbousa ~ have you any idea what has happened to “Veiled Muslimah” ? When I try to access her blog it says that it’s been removed! I hope everything is ok…

  8. Habayeb says:

    hmm yeah….i tried it too just now….doesnt seem to work.

  9. OomHussam says:


    I really like the shirt and scarf masha`Allaah 🙂

  10. Hijabista says:

    måtte skrive dette på norsk, ble så langtrukkent og kompliser på engelsk.

    Hvis du kjenner noen som bor i Danmark eller et annet land som er innenfor EU, så går det an å gjøre det slik at du får sendt varene til det landet, da slipper du å betale toll! Men, ulempen er at du må vente litt lenger på å få varene.
    Jeg pleier å gjøre det slik når jeg bestiller fra Shukr. Har ei søster som jeg sender klærne til og senere er det alltid noen i familien som kommer og går som plukker med seg tingene. Det blir himla mye dyrere hvis jeg skal betale toll her i Norge.

  11. I know this is off-topic but I hope “Veiled Muslimah” is ok! If you’re here, Veiled Muslimah, can you drop us a comment and let us know if you are ok???? I really loved your blog and for you to disapear without a trace is a bit worrying!

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