Really really luxurious GALABIYAS

Give it up for the prettiest galabiyas there is. I jus yat love the deep colors and expensive looking fabrics.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get the ones seen in the pictures, if anybody does, please drop me a link. However, Al Yashmachas got great galabiyas too, if you can afford the steep prices (I wouldn’t pay that much for any garment)… Do you like galabiyas???

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9 thoughts on “Really really luxurious GALABIYAS

  1. Muha says:

    Salaam aleikum
    Did you try the page? I know they might not be as luxurious as that, but sometimes in between all the different jalabiyas, they also have some pretty stylish ones. Atleast in the smaller sizes.

    I love jalabiyas, but my husband always asks me “why dress like an Arab” when I wear mine hehe. Ok, so should i tell him “why dress like a pakistani” when he wears sunnah clothing hehe…

  2. nursheikha says:

    they’re really beautiful…so is the price tag! 😛 but if its a classic timeless piece that you could look stunning for years then i wouldn’t mind the splurge

  3. Candice says:

    Those are really something. Loving the look of it, but I could never pull that off. Really… could anyone pull that off walking down the streets of a mostly-Catholic small town in French Canada? Or could anyone pull that off in any sort of street? lol.

  4. Franzisca says:

    @Candice: I happily would pull that of in a a little catholic state in Germany – if I could just get my hands on one 😉 !

  5. Habayeb says:

    i love jalabiyas!!! and these are so pretty!

  6. Kathleen says:

    Pretties! I am so totally addicted to fabrics like that, it’s not even funny. Especially on our budget…

  7. *~Ange~* says:

    i love them alll…
    gimme gimme gimme

  8. m says:

    see the thing with Jalabiya, is that the price is most of the time proportional to quality. the reason they look so lux, is b/c of the hand work, and the sophistecated fabrics.
    in countries where these are worn a lot, you’d buy very fancy ones to attend weddings etc. in some places, the bride herself would wear a jalabya, and not a western style wedding dress.
    so if taken from that view, they’re not too bad. but i have seen a few by a famous designer who makes them for the royal families in the gulf, they were very colourful, with so much hand work, and the cheapest one was $1000 USD. but i wasn’t too impressed with them, maybe b/c the style in the gulf in some circles is that more is better… while some of us may like… “a bit and elegant” as opposed to MORE MORE MORE!
    but the ones you posted… look stunning i have to say… although to be honest, when it comes to such garmets, they may look amazing, but may not suite everyone.

    have you seen the palestinian style ones? they are a real token of hand work… but less shiny.

  9. Jamilalis says:

    I LOVE the green in the bottom left corner – does anyone know where I could purchase it?? I couldnt find it on the listed site…


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