A bunch of hijab styles

Again, I can’t resist posting some new, colorful hijab styles. Yes, the makeup can be excessive, yes, the styles can sometimes be a little over the top. But it’s a joy to look at all those styles, and get ideas for yourself. Some of these styles are created by famous hijab stylists like Marwa Hamed and Jailan Atef, while others I don’t know..

 I heart the leopard one! Which one is your fave?

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32 thoughts on “A bunch of hijab styles

  1. Since I live in such an endlessly gale-force-wind climate I tend to like hijab styles that are tight and either gathered like a flower or have the flowy bits back behind the head ~ like the first one, 6th one, and 8th one. If I lived in a less windy climate I’d go for many more styles! But I have to be choosy.

    As we say here, anything that isn’t so tight it makes my eyes bug out of my head will be “blown across the sea to Norway!” Plus loose flappy bits whip you in the eyes… I’m not kidding about the wind. What we would call “hurricane force” back home, the locals call “slightly breezy…”

  2. basbousa says:

    If it’s blown across the sea to Norway, why don’t you wear all your scarves like that, so I can collect em at the shore 😀 Girl, you are hillarious 🙂 Thanks again for being one of my blog’s readers 🙂

  3. Najm-us-Sahar says:

    I like a lot of these. specially the blck-and-beige and red-and-white look. Although i would rather go for slightly more covered ears and neck. but i can get a lot of ideas to change my old boring hijab wrap styles. Thanks and keep it up girl!!!!

  4. Alix says:

    I like the bottom lilac one.

  5. Sharshura says:

    I like the orange one (i’m wearing an orange hijab right now teehee!).

  6. Basbousa, I’ll start to get suspicious if I see my missing hijabs showing up on your blog…


  7. P.S. I’m only a stones-throw away from Norway ~ We live on the Orkney Islands which is ten times more Norwegian then Scottish! (But I’m an American, a fake Orcadian hehehe!) **Waving to Basbousa**

  8. Muha says:

    Ooh, I was there once as a kid, but I dont remember much, apart from the bad weather it was those days hehe…

    I love the purple one… Actually I might even attempt to something similar for some all womens party, but what to wear over it on my way there? It would take me too long to fix it at the party hehehe…

  9. Candice says:

    I like the blue-red with the black scarf over it, but not those specific colours altogether. I think that’s a style I would possibly wear, while most of the others are a bit much. I like it simple with some colour coordination with underscarves or even layes, but as long as it’s not poofy and heavy-looking like the top purple one.

  10. INAL says:

    Basbousa these are great!

    I love the tightly fitted ones- they are great for the office… I spend approximately 2 to 3 hours a day in the Operating Rooms at our hospital which means I have to cover my hijab in one of those flimsy blue caps that makes me look like the legendary Bozo the Clown-

    So the nurses the other day got me these new cloth styled caps that strangely enough look like hijabs- they cover all your hair and your ears- so now in the office when I change into scrubs I now have these cute hijabs…but that means that I have to undo the hijab I can into work with- So those tightly fitted ones look easier to put back on once my rounds are over-

    Thanks for the inspiration! Keep it up girl! I’m collecting ideas by the ton…

    And thanks for dropping by my blog- you give me encouragement! 🙂

    And don’t worry about them being over the top at times or the makeup the models wear- those are incidentals for marketing the hijab and a way to package the goodies! You are not advocating these things- yours is Hijab Style!

  11. I wonder… can I glue one of these thight-fitting hijab styles together and then just pop it onto my head when I want to wear it again?? “Cheater Hijab” ??

  12. nesli says:

    my fav. is the second one on the right sight..it looks very wild, like me..i’m loving it ;-))

  13. Habayeb says:

    I like 2nd, 4th and 8th 😀

  14. umpazumparoo says:

    I love the lime-green and orange one. So pretty!!

  15. Aaminah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum.

    Absolutely, #2. Stunning. Though I also like 7 & 16. 🙂

  16. shum says:

    no disrespect to anyone, i have to say the only hijab that looks good is the plain white hijaab, 4th pic on right… as it looks modest, and is a proper hijab.

  17. Mariam says:

    Cool styles. The only thing is they seem a bit impractical hehe.. if I had a job where I just had to sit still and look good for the camera then that would be perfect 🙂

  18. “Yes, the makeup can be excessive, yes, the styles can sometimes be a little over the top.” ~ That’s what’s so fun about *looking* at these photos!

    Oh, Basbousa ~ I forgot to say that you shouldn’t have to qualify your hijab posts to any of us that are here for the *right* reasons. I know that there are some folk out there in the world that think we must be so dumb that we’d blindly follow a fancy photo-shoot fashion but we know how to tell the difference between every day hijab and WOW PARTY hijabs. And like someone has already said: the makeup etc is deffinately being used as catchy art to “sell” the fashion idea on the glossy magazine page to us women. Seriously – how many men are flipping through the pages of women’s fashion magazines?? Not many I suppose!

    So the creators of this magazine are going all out for us WOMEN and appealing to us via color and beauty ~ things we *women* take note of more then men. Anyone with half a brain knows that everyday “wear it on the street” hijab is not meant to be party-fancy like what we see in the magazine. So don’t worry, you aren’t leading us astray by showing super-fancy fashion magazine hijab pictures!

  19. Hijabi Apprentice says:

    Ooh I like the orange and the one beneath it! So pretty.

  20. Sportymuslimah says:

    Omigod they are all so gorgeous! I dont know which ones I would pick but if I have to then prolly I’ll go with the orange and lilac… Ive always liked the orange style but dont know how to wrap it so that it is loose like that. My hijab wrap is usually well tucked.

    Anyway, those girls are SOOOO pretty they could pull off wearing any type of hijab no matter how “crazy”! I dont think I could really pull of many of those looks. Lucky girls!

  21. Tay says:

    i love these styles! especially the 2nd and 4th ones. Its a shame that theres no information telling us how to do them though 😦 iv seen people wearing hijaabs in these ways but i just cant seem to do it myself. lol.

  22. nasreen says:

    salam alaikom!!!

    oh my!!! they are all beautifull, It’s fantastic..

    I’ve been wishing I can wear like these hijabs, but my face is kinda big. I’m afraid to give it a try… please give some advise specially I am a newly converted muslim… I want to have some styles also.

    looking forward to hear from you…


  23. Jessica says:

    medical scrubs hijabs were could i find a scrub hijab

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  25. Anisah says:

    hello, um…how do you wear the 8th one which is the white one?

  26. 2Aamae says:

    salaam 3alikum.

    does anyone know how to the hijab style in number 2?

  27. rehana says:

    these styles are great and by the way how do u do the flower design ones on some of the scarf i reli wanna try it out ?

  28. mikaela says:

    i can´t choose just one! But yes, the leopard one is amazing!

  29. Asmaa says:

    Wow Mashallah! these are all soo beautiful!! i am always trying to think of different ways to wear my hijab, and these give really good ideas. thank you so much sister for this website!! =)

  30. Safia says:

    AHHHH I’m so happy I found these pics!!! I’m sick of my same old boring hijab styles and need to try some new ones… hijabis have alot more fun dressing up I think! I just arrived in Egypt and I must say the girls here have great taste and style…

  31. rehanna says:

    its nice to see the designs but what you really need to add to your site is video demos of “how to”

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