Jailan Atef, hijab stylist

I have already posted some pictures of Jailan Atef’s designs. Here are four more, but you can also visit her site for more inspiration.

On her web page, you can also find several videos of hijab styles in the making;





Is this girl gooood with the veil, or what??

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18 thoughts on “Jailan Atef, hijab stylist

  1. Alix says:

    Basbousa, if possible, could you email me all the bridal style you’ve got so I can post them on the bride wear hijab? Jazzakallah kheir!!!!!!!! You are doing an incredible job btw/ Congrats on repping the muslim woman as one who is anything but suppressed (just your regular girlie girl with a strong morale fabric and a belief in one God: D)

  2. basbousa says:

    Thanks, hunny! Sure I will try to do so tomorrow? 🙂

  3. Said Arman says:

    Check out my blog sista

  4. INAL says:

    The fourth one reminds me of the Greta Garbo look..nice!

  5. *~Ange~* says:

    i love the first one!!

  6. Jana says:

    Subhanalllah you beat me to this post 😀 I even had the same title hehe. My favourite is the third one.

  7. samia ahmed says:

    Wow! That looking beauitful and pretty hijbs!!!.. How i want learn hijab style and if can u teach me please. I really love my haijb a lots! and diffenent hajib colours. but i will ask u how do u learn hajibs where you from? could you email me all the bridal style please that is so possible! Welcome! I hope u dont mind!

    Thank you!

    Love From Samia Ahmed!

  8. dedo says:

    it`s very usefull wep site thanks alot
    but please chang the color of ethe wep

  9. fattoma elfiki says:

    slamo aleco
    how are you jailan , your hijbs are so beautiful and its coulors are suitable for each other and make the face appear clear, and i respect that u try to choose the clothes which are suitable for eslamic women,please jailan i want to know the clothes which are suitable for me my linght is 172 cm,my weight is 69 kg .
    i want to know styles suitable for me

  10. noura says:

    hey by the way i also saw those in that rotana magazine! and i absolotly loved the make up altough it wasn’t exactly hijab friendly

  11. popa says:

    ilike the short skirt but not describe or shown

  12. popa says:

    ooooooooooh fantastic realy realy ilike the four pictures specially the third one elhamdulella subhanalla laillaillaalla

  13. Nary Moustafa Mohammed says:

    i really the website is a great one , i am a muslim girl wearing the hijab and i really need sites like this really great job i sisters and please post more hijab fashion pics, thanx alot.

  14. mikaela says:

    mashallah the white one is so beautiful..

  15. mariam says:

    did u stop posting pictures??? ure website is the best!!!

  16. zana says:

    OMG! all ur hijab are so pretty! i didn’t know there is someone so gifted and talented like u in this world! and today i just realized that women who wear hijab are pretty!!

  17. MAI says:

    I have a ruond face I want to know which material I have 2 use

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