A Muslim Woman’s Closet: Style Solutions

This video features tips and tricks for dressing up hijabi style.
I love Sabrina Enayatulla’s style, she looks smashing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




If you have problems loading the video from this page, you can watch it at Washington Post’s site. What do you guys think?? Were these hijab tips helpful?

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28 thoughts on “A Muslim Woman’s Closet: Style Solutions

  1. hani says:

    I love the way she wears her scarf, wonders how she does so without the ear peeking through and so neat!

  2. Sharshura says:

    I love this video!!! The Washington Post really is becoming Muslim Friendly in the last couple of years. I was wondering the same thing as hani, can you make a post about that or if you have done that one already send me the link to it? thanks :~)

  3. basbousa says:

    It’s not a difficult look to create, I will try to find a guide or maybe make it myself 🙂

  4. Jana says:

    I think there’s something wrong with blogger, as I tried for ages to embed it, but it wouldn’t work 😦 Were you using the code from the Washington Post site or the vodpod one?

    As for the hijab, that is sooo easy. Just make one of the shayla longer than the other, and pin at the back of the neck with a safety pin. Then take the long end, bring it over your shoulder and wrap around your head as per usual, and pin at the top or side.

  5. basbousa says:

    Actually wordpress has a new thing going on with video posting. Makes it much more easy to post some videos. I used the embeddable code on the site. On the other hand, I’m so stupid with video posting. Remember the Dubai street style thing? I didn’t manage to post it whatsoever, while you managed without any trouble later 🙂 I’m so not a web genious..

  6. basbousa says:

    Haha actually that style she’s wearing is the same as I wore today. I just find it very difficult to explain in words how to tie the different hijab styles. Thanks, Jana

  7. Habayeb says:

    sabrina is so pretty masha’allah! And those styles were cool! B4 starting the hijab i used to feel id look like a kid in it or it wudnt suit me, I wish id known u can style them like that i wud have started wearing hijab from ages then! But subh’anallah its never too late and im still young alhamdulilah! 😀 hehe so im glad i know how to hijabify my wardrobe now.

  8. I enjoyed watching the video and loved Hadia Mubarak’s explanation of hijab. I also liked the dresses Sabrina chose though I don’t think the look would work from someone with a…um…fuller chest.

  9. Celeritas says:

    Great to see some Muslima fashion in such a formal production. I wish I understood Arabic so could watch Arabic TV or Malay to watch Malaysian TV.

  10. khaidjah says:

    salam sis

    loved the video saw a beutiful dress in primark oxford street and inshallah will be getting it this weekend if any are left lol. its so maxi its unreal with lots of pleats and in heavy winter material so will be brilliant for uk winters. and doing a basic hijab style like this one would be great mashallah jazkallah khair for showing.

    wa salam

  11. Leila says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely… Mashaallah both sisters are so cute. I love what Hadia Mubarak said about hijab, so simple…why do ppl make it so difficult?hmmm

    any way, thanks for posting this, I watched all 3 videos available there.. 🙂

  12. Kholod says:

    The stylist in that Turkish saloon used hair spray on the hijabs to make the stay in place! Maybe it helps to keep them staying on so neat!


  13. UmmRumman says:

    I appreciate the intention of this piece, but find it to be misleading. Hijab is a commandment from our All Knowing Creator not to display our beauty as it was displayed in the times of ignorance before Islam, when women would cover their hair but display their jewelry, and not draw their headscarves as a loose cover over their chests and bodies. The word women are warned against in the Qur’an is tabarruj: to beautify something so that attention is drawn towards it.

    We need to honestly ask ourselves: what is the intention of sparkly, bright clothing, makeup, and visible jewelry? Does it make a difference? Do these things add to the beauty of a woman, and draw attention to her, or no? Does a woman give such time and care to choosing her clothing and accessories so that she will not be noticed or looked at by people?

    At the same time, this is not a call for women to look and feel drab all the time. It is in a woman’s fitrah (nature) to want to beautify herself, and this is as Allah intended. But this beautification can take place only in certain company. We should be careful in guarding the hudud (boundaries) of Allah’s law if we want Jannah, inshaAllah. May Allah guide us all.

  14. UmmRumman, I have trouble with the phrase “draw attention to her” or the idea that a woman must constantly concern herself with how other people are viewing her- esp. men. I understand that there are women who make a display of themselves but seriously, wearing hijab draws attention to a woman automatically. I’ve turned more heads in hijab then I ever did without it! And you know what? People pay far more attention to me when I have on a solid black hijab than a pink one. The other thing is if a woman is beautiful, unless she is wearing a burka, no amount of hijabing is going to hide that.

  15. Sharshura says:

    Yeah I think I need pictures and words. :~P I tried doing it how Jana said and its not how it looks on sabrina.

  16. UmmRumman says:

    Jamerican Muslimah– I hear your points. Striving to follow Allah’s commandments fully and emulate the sahabiyat in my appearance is something I have been personally struggling with recently. What really made me rethink how I’ve been wearing hijab are the words of Allah in the Qur’an.

    Especially as Ramadan approaches, I think we should take the time to really open our hearts, sincerely ask for guidance, and ponder the ayat of Allah.

    In Surah An-Nur, Allah subhana wa ta’ala commands the men to lower their gazes, then He commands the women to lower their gaze AND to cover their beauty except around certain people (Ayahs 30 and 31).

    The men gotta control themselves, but as women, Allah has given us the extra responsibility of covering up. I thought, why give this command if the men have already been commanded to lower their gazes? Because Allah is Al Khaaliq, and He knows His creation. Islam is real and practical– the way of life for all people, all times.

    After reading these ayat, I started thinking, it is not for me to have a problem with this responsibility, or to think it unfair or difficult that I have to be cautious about people looking at me or what they see. Life is a test, and it is our duty to strive and struggle. I thought, if I die tomorrow, can I really face Allah and justify my way of dressing to Him with my excuses, especially after reading His ayat?

    These are commands from our Creator, who knows His creation better than we know ourselves.

    Anyway, just a personal reflection that I hope will benefit someone, inshaAllah. May Allah make the Qur’an the light of our hearts this Ramadan! An early Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!

  17. shum says:

    I would just like to say, even if a women is covered head to toe in a burka, or wearing a hijab, is still doesn’t stop a man from looking… I mean at the end of the day, if the sister is beautiful, it doesn’t stop a guy from looking at all.

  18. basbousa says:

    Jamerican Muslimah, I really agree on what you said!

  19. INAL says:

    JM I also agree with you – hijab has no effect on the stares of men…I should know; I see it in Yemen especially…

    Since the commandment for men to lower their gazes comes first in the Qur’an; shouldn’t all mommies around the Muslim world put extra effort on their sons from a very early age to train them to lower their eyes???- I know my son was indoctrinated early on to NEVER look at a woman as a piece of meat- it could be that some day another man would be looking at his wife, sisters, and daughters in the same manner…oh he got the point alright!

    And I don’t believe we have been given an extra burden with hijab- everyone must have modesty in equal measure- because Allah is Just and Renders judgement in equal measure- All Believing Men and All Believing Women, makes it equal sharing in the good stuff and in the punishments…

    We all have a responsibility, in equal measure – but when it comes to men; especially when they are still boys and mold-able -we cop out with “the boys will be boys”; then “men will be men”- and we turn to our daughters and tell THEM to carry the burden of her brother and hers…not THAT is NOT fair! And its us mortals making those judgements…

    I would slap my son stupid if he ever looked at a woman like she is meat or has to disappear because the sight of her bothers him…

    Sorry basbousa you know these things boil and roil my blood…I apologize for the ranting!

  20. UmmRumman says:

    Salam sisters, I didn’t realize until after I posted that this blog discusses hijab as fashion, so I don’t want this to be considered a personal attack on basbousa or any of the other sisters here.

    Boys will be boys is not an excuse. Men MUST control themselves. It is a commandment from Allah. If we’re covered as Allah has commanded us to, and men still look, it is a sin that the man must answer for because we’ve done our part. He’s gotta do his.

    But what if we’re NOT holding up our end of the deal? The reminder I wanted to put out there (for myself first) is that if we’re trying to look hot/beautiful/attractive in hijab as this video encourages us to, then we’re not being true to the commandments of hijab and it will not be a shield of modesty and piety, and it is possible that we will not receive the rewards of hijab in the afterlife. (Or, may Allah protect us, we are punished).

    Each of us should ask ourselves what ahadith/ayat of Qur’an we are basing our comments and beliefs on, or if we’re just speaking from our own judgments and desires.

    I don’t want to go in circles so inshaAllah I won’t be posting here again. JazakAllah khair for giving me the chance to post the ayat of Qur’an as a reminder for those who will take it.

    And Allah knows best.

  21. […] My most favorite Hijab Style site has been under attack lately by well meaning sisters, Allahu Allam, on what is correct hijab […]

  22. INAL says:

    My apologies Basbousa

  23. basbousa says:

    INAL, there is nothing whatsoever to apologize for 🙂

  24. Nadia says:

    She is a pretty girl but the earring looked terrible. And it beats the purpose of hijab.

  25. Lily says:


    You can also check out http://www.EasyHijabStyles.com. They have an e-book which shows step by step photo guide on how to wear the hijab using square scarves and shaylas. All styles cover the chest and are easy to follow.

    Check it out 🙂

  26. Suroor says:

    Cheak out Sabrina Enayatullas’ blog at sliceoflemon.com . She writes really well and is funny.

  27. good job! says:

    Job well done…

  28. JinxedMuslimah says:

    I’ve actually tried the dress and Tee look, it’s great! 🙂

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