Don’t wear a miniskirt with hijab

At least, if your scarf is supposed to be hijab, don’t match it with a miniskirt 😛 I know I know, that’s not hijab… But just… DON’T.

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10 thoughts on “Don’t wear a miniskirt with hijab

  1. Talk about being top-heavy…

    I wore a short skirt a few days after my wedding (not a miniskirt) and my then brand-new husband didn’t like it one bit. It’s not that he felt I was too fat or I looked ugly ~ he said it made me look cheap. You know what? He was absolutely correct. Flashing the body makes a woman look desparate for sexual attention.

  2. nesli says:

    i like miniskirts..but underneath i wear my jeans 😉

  3. basbousa says:

    Nesli, then it’s not like a miniskirt anymore 🙂

  4. Muha says:

    I do that too, wear skirt over another skirt, to get the effect of a tunic…

    There is this lady coming on the same bus as me every morning, and in the winter, she wears a short skirt that reaches her knees, and then her boots that reaches her knees.

    Since when did boots become a part of the hijab.

    If she greeted me, or was brave enough to sit next to me one day, I think I wuld hint about it actually. Until now, i did the “lowest branch of Imaan” and just hated it in my heart, but I should speak out about it.

  5. madame says:

    @ basbousa

    its the islamic way of wearing a miniskirt 😉 (im nesli)

  6. aqilah says:

    i agree with u..
    not wearing a miniskirt with hijab..
    i think it’s not nice for muslimah to wear like that..
    but in home it’s ok..

  7. popa says:

    subhanalla ilike wearing mini skirt but not shown or describe

  8. aliah says:

    yess…its a big no no…

  9. raz says:

    i wanted to wear boots and jeans today but my um stopeed me…i had a huge coat on top down to my knee’s and then the boots just below my knees they were wide fit..but she still said it looked strange, ive not actually worn them yet but after the comment posted earlier on about ‘hating it in your heart’ i think i will give it another thought..i dont want to be that person who is hated by others for something so simple!

  10. humarashid says:

    Hah! Oh, god, ridiculous. 😛

    You know what else I love? Women that wear a full niqab….but then have HEAVY eyeliner and glittery mascara on.

    I mean, I shouldn’t judge, because I don’t wear hijab anymore (my dad very strong ‘suggested’ I stop on 9/12/2001), but still. Not cool.

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