Hijab shopping in Cairo

Hijab shopping in Cairo.. I wish…. Really, other clothing stuff than just the scarves isn’t that good. The quality is sometimes questionable, the clothes look fantastic from outside the store, but once you get inside it’s a whole different deal…. But it is slowly improving.

When I used to live in Cairo, me and my best friend used to search everywhere for anything to buy. Long skirts were always good there, but jeans, tops or sweaters? Impossible. Fortunately this all changed in less than a year. Suddently I wanted to buy everything I saw, it was all so nice. Or maybe I just missed Egypt so much, everything was beautiful?

Unfortunately this was looong before I started my blog, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I promise you, though, that I will make a Cairo shopping guide full of pictures this year, insha’a Allah.

Would you like such a post?

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16 thoughts on “Hijab shopping in Cairo

  1. Lucia Kawthar says:

    I wish I could do the same “egyptian hijab shopping tour” one day…

  2. Habayeb says:

    I’d love it! 😀

  3. umpazumparoo says:

    me too please!

  4. Have you given photo credits/received permission on these photos? Two of them are very much like a set a friend of mine posted on Flickr.

  5. Leila says:

    oh please do!!!! I bought the best stuff there…i miss it like crazy.

  6. Candice says:

    That’d be awesome! I really miss Egypt! And I didn’t shop much even when I was there, unfortunately. My husband isn’t a fan of shopping so we went once when I really needed it. A couple tunics and skrits. 🙂

  7. basbousa says:

    Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo; Nope, I didn’t. Those photos are all over the net, so it would be difficult to know who shot them…

  8. Moon says:


  9. INAL says:

    When I went about three years back they had these street vendors that sold hijabs that were light and airy- and of all the hijabs I have bought in the Middle East, these have held their color and the fabric has yet to thin out or shread at the edges- they are all in cotton- the name Chourbagui was woven into the corner- all shayla style, rectangular about 2 yards long and 3/4 yards wide…and the variety was mind boggling- I bought for every season- one of my friends did most of the haggling- her Egyptian accent was the clincher! LOL

    They remain my favorite hijabs for wearing with sweaters and jeans on fall & winter days and Shalwars in the summer…

  10. INAL says:

    Ladies i have a request…for those of you who wear shaylas that have tassels, CAN YOU PLEASE tell me how you keep those tassels from getting ruined??? I try my best to keep away from tasseled scarves because I have ruined a few in my lifetime- end up cutting the tassels off – like a beautiful pair I bought in Spain…they were never the same… 😦

  11. Basbousa,
    Flickr, in particular, has a very clear policy about printing photo credits. Furthermore, just because photos are on the internet does not mean that they’re legally available to anyone who wants to use them. Technically, you’re breaking the law. Ethically, you’re taking something that is not yours.

  12. basbousa says:

    I was saying that I have no way to give credit to the person that shot the pictures, because I have found these pics all over. If you read the text, I stated that I didn’t get to take pictures, meaning these pictures are NOT mine.

  13. If they came from flickr (and some of these did) then they do provide clear instructions on how to provide credit. If you cannot provide credit accordingly and/or receive permission then you are still breaking the law. Saying that they are not your property is simply not enough. Knowing that you have a photo that is property of my friend, would you not like her contact info so that you can contact her accordingly and get the necessary information to use it? I’m sure she would not object. What she would object to is using w/o permission.

  14. basbousa says:

    That’s all right, I have no problem asking her. However, as I’ve already told you, I found these pictures “around the web”- like on other blogs and such. So I’m sorry but I really didn’t know how to ask for permission. Don’t you agree that it’s kind of difficult then???

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