I love these tops!

Owwww how I wanted these tops when I saw them, only a little longer, so I could wear them with jeans.

Do any of you know where these are from, or who designed them? I think I want to try to make some myself.

Would you wear this?

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9 thoughts on “I love these tops!

  1. lily says:

    heyyy nicee blog=) by the way, i’d like to know. can hijab-ians expose their neck and chin areas?

  2. basbousa says:

    The chin is a part of the face, the way I see it. Therefore my opinion is that it’s permitted. In the Arabian Gulf, however, they wrap the hijab to conceal much of the chin. The neck is mostly viewed as something you have to conceal.

  3. Jana says:

    Hun, I’ve got this designers collection in a saved post – her stuff is AMAZING!! Shall I post now?

  4. raquelevita says:

    Oof, the first fashion choice of yours I don’t vibe with!? I think the earth-time-space continuum was just disrupted. I don’t dig the belts or the froufy hems. Sorry sis!

  5. Muha says:

    According to most shiite-scholars, the chin is awrah and must be concealed, in sunni-islaam, it is a must to cover until the chin, not more than that.

    The neck is awrah, and must be covered.

  6. Alix says:

    The chin is awrah to some sunni sisters too, namely African, and the EMirates of course, but I never cover my chin unless is is REALLY hot out since I see it as part of the face, but when it’s really hot, wrapping over the chin makes it extra loose on the neck so it beats the heat.

  7. Muha says:

    I remember experimenting with hijab in the begining, and then a man would greet me if i was wearing my squared hijab hanging down, but when I draped it around the chin and pinned it on my head, he would not greet me. And also never greeted me when I was without hijab either.

    Years later I understood why hehe, because I was told that in some countries, including his, its a typical sign of shiites, to wear the hijab like that, draped so the chin is not visible.

    When you say Africa, Alix, could it be hambali school of fiqh that says chin is awrah?

  8. *~Ange~* says:

    they are a little too short

  9. Plum says:

    I don’t wear hijab,but I must say those hats the girls are wearing in that picture..that’s NOT hijab. The neck is one of the most sensitive part of the body, I’ve heard many people say. I think those types of “light” hijabs will make you other real girls look bad. My cousins will get seriously slapped if I EVER see them disrespecting the hijab like that!

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