Pretty hijab fashion on the runway

Are these outfits beautiful, walla eh??? I fell in love with so many of them. I found it on an Indonesian  site, sorry for not knowing the designer!

Ok, so I agree that some of it isn’t really hijab friendly, like for example the skinny pants… But don’t you feel inspired?

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11 thoughts on “Pretty hijab fashion on the runway

  1. raquelevita says:

    The models are high-fashion without looking like they’re angry from hypoglycemia, for one.

    Second, the garments are lovely. I really like the flowy white abaya. I’d look like a marshmallow AND get stuff all over it, but um, for someone more elegant it would be beautiful.

  2. Alix says:

    I love that one too raquelevita!!!!!

  3. Hana says:

    Some of these are really WAY not hijab even from my relatively relaxed perspective, but as far as inspiration– I love the way some of them seem to allude to the traditional costumes of other Asian countries. The one at top left, for example, reminds me of Korean han bok, and third row on the left is stunning and reminds me of Chinese paintings with the drifty, flowy layers. Can’t stand the tight pants ones, and the yellow is a dream but preferably just a bit looser. Not so much with the bottom right dyed dress, but I do like the way she wears her hijab– again, reminds me of traditional folk veil styles and it’s a look I’ve been wanting to experiment. Maybe to go with the embroidered Palestinian dress I’m working on for Eid!

    So yeah, great inspiration mashallah!

  4. jessyz says:

    They look so pretty and the models look more like normal people than stick figures. :-))

  5. hal786 says:

    ooh so pretty
    ive gt stuff on ramadan on my blog now, only bout a week left!
    plz remebr to post some rewards n maybe of u cud tell others 2 like spread the word? that would b wonderful..take care, btw is ur name actually BASBOUSA or is it somethin els?

  6. INAL says:

    I agree the pants sets are a no go… the others are nice very nice. the second one to the top I couldn’t pull off if i was six feet tall which no spiky heel could bring to that level LOL so I guess that one too is out for me- the Korean looking one however I really like and the one next to it; reminds me of one I saw in Dubai in one of the shops…also saw one like it on a woman in Yemen at a wedding- she was tall and looked spectacular in it! Told her so to to her surprise and wide smile 🙂 A compliment of the really kind goes a long way in making you feel good, I say!

  7. I totally love that second skirt! It’s the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen in my life ~ and I’d wear it in a heartbeat hahahaha!! I love the last outfit too ~ such color!!

  8. Celeritas says:

    The shiny pants are terrifyingly ugly. But I like the inspiration.

  9. juju says:

    hi,, may i know the origenal website for those dresses plz

  10. zizi says:

    hi all.

    the clothes are all vr pretty. but seriously they are all not vr practical to be worn even for special occasion. its like all of them are a lil too ‘loud’ i would say for me to wear even for a special occasion without being the centre of attention. & i’m pretty sure that being the centre of attention is the least we would want. i think its more practical for us to look at everyday casual wear that is hijab-friendly. 🙂

  11. Muslimah says:

    Asalamu Aleykum!
    where can order this dress
    know samone?

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