Turkish Gowns

I love Bala Couture, and I have posted pictures from their bridal collection earlier. I think the kaftans/caftans and gowns are even more beautiful. Here are some of their beautiful pieces easily worn with hijab;

I absolutely looooove the lime green one! Which one is your favorite?

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14 thoughts on “Turkish Gowns

  1. Umm Abdullah says:

    Ajeeb..I recognise the models, but I’ve never seen this here. Maybe it was a designer showing his/her creativity.
    But I’ll tell you this much… Sadly, no pakistaniya is going to be wearing something like this out and about here..

    It’s beauuutifffulll, masha’Allah..

  2. jessyz says:

    In white or off-white these would make a perfect wedding dress.

  3. Saliha says:

    I loooooove the turquoise dress with the golden belt in the first collage!! Especially because it is fully covered (sleeves are transarent but there’s another fabric underneath). I want that one for my henna feast, I’m actually thinking of buying it on my next visit to Istanbul. I wonder how much the dresses cost.

  4. Habayeb says:

    I like the 6th one! Well yeah sumthin like this isnt common in the desi community…….but so what! I cud start the trend! lol since i always have 😛 But yeah id wear more of these after marriage *wink wink* lol

  5. Jana says:

    You know I love them all LOL. I prefer these styles to the Tekbir evening gowns, they have a more traditional feel.

  6. Celeritas says:

    The purple one at the bottom is so fierce, really glam but quite commanding.

  7. curiousmuslimah says:

    I love three, six and seven! Beautiful colors!

  8. I am so jelous!! I want every one of them hahaha! (Guess that makes me greedy too!)

  9. I love the turquoise/brown one. Oooooh I would love to wear that to a wedding or an engagement party.

  10. INAL says:

    yummy! I’m going to need more closet space; and that last one of the first row is scrumptious!

  11. Kathleen says:

    I like the purple one – how is she getting the peak at the top of her veil? I would assume that if you have enough hair, the shape isn’t a problem, but what if you don’t? Cardboard? Plastic? Starch the heck out of some muslin? Inquiring minds want to know!

  12. Amal says:

    Are these dresses available to order online?

  13. nawal says:

    very nice and byotifell hijab

  14. muslima says:

    Ok WOW when i go to Istanbul insha’Allah, i HAVE to go to this store, it’s SUCH a shame they don’t do delieveries and stuff, 😦 I bet they are pricey too! Lol but i cant resist.

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