A modest proposal

Muslim women want clothes that are stylish, but not too revealing.

How do you pull off a short trapeze dress if your religious beliefs require you to cover up? -Pair it with some skinny jeans, advises Ausma Khan, editor-in-chief of Muslim Girl magazine.

It’s hard enough keeping up with runway fashion if your only worry is maximizing your assets and minimizing your derrière. Trying to be stylish while adhering to the Muslim ideal of modesty adds a whole other layer of sartorial challenge. Read the full article here.

Now personally, I don’t think skinny jeans are the best jeans to hijabify an outfit. But it’s a good article, what do you think?

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10 thoughts on “A modest proposal

  1. Kholod says:

    OH NO! Skinny jeans do not fit with hijab at all; Unless they are paired off with long boots over them along with a long tunic or dress.


  2. Alix says:

    I really don’t like this magazine. Some stuff in it is okay, but they often say certain things are permissable islamically that aren’t. I agree, girls without headscarves can be better Muslimahs than some niqabis but at least the fashion section should feature looser clothing and hijabs on all the models.

  3. Sharshura says:

    I like the magazine a lot. It tries to show really how diverse the Muslim community is which would include women who do not wear hijab. There are really no Muslim magazines that are accessible in the United States and that are in English. It is also a relatively new magazine so they are still figuring what the community would want out of it. The magazine has a facebook group as well as a website so if you have any comments or concerns about the content of the magazine I’m pretty sure they would be all ears to what you had to say.

  4. *~ange~* says:

    yah i gotta agree with Alix. as a muslimah magazine i think they should have hijabs on the fashion pics, otherwise how is it different to mainstream fashion pics in mainstream mags?

  5. Celeritas says:

    Yeah I’d go with wide leg trousers or a maxi skirt. I haven’t read Muslim Girl but I think at the end of the day its trying to a be a Muslim Cosmo Girl and I’d much rather teen Muslimas read it than Cosmo.

  6. Sis says:

    Yse I dont like sticky jeans either. I love abayas or long skirts. There are so many beautiful abayas thease days in lovely colours alhamdulillah. Fashion should not go before modesty.

  7. Aaminah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum.

    Ick, skinny jeans are not modest. Sorry, Kholed, but even with boots and a long dress, how is that different than tights? Tight clothing is not hijab, no ifs, ands, or buts. Besides, skinny jeans only look good on extremely stick thin skinny girls, and ridiculous on any girl with the slightest curve or size at all.

    I happen to agree with others who do not care for the magazine. I don’t think saying “it’s better than such and such non-Muslim magazine” makes it a good magazine. Just because it’s the only alternative? No. They have a responsibility to our community to make themselves stand out, not just for catering to Muslims but for actually speaking to Muslims, as Muslims. I would rather forbid magazines all together in my home than to give my money to Muslims who water down everything and even give inaccurate information about Islam to excuse us always looking for the easy way out.

    I have a serious problems with the growing plethora of Muslim media that treats being Muslim like a fashion statement that can change with the tides. There are certain things that are part of Islam. Some of us struggle with some of those things, but it doesn’t change that they are part of what we are supposed to be doing, and hijab is one of those things. We can have alot of fun with hijab; there are many different ways that we can be Islamically covered while still enjoying fashion and showing our own personality. There is no need to keep trying to fit in with non-Muslim ideals.

  8. Aaminah says:


    I forgot I meant to point out also that Muslim Girl Magazine has non-Muslims working on it, and was the outgrowth of a non-Muslim decision that we are a financially lucrative market. The editor is not even Muslim. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, on face value. But it should make it clear that there will be matters in which the magazine just is not an accurate depiction of Muslimahs. I would rather support a Muslim owned, Muslim run, Muslim contributed, magazine – by and for Muslimahs – like Azizah.

  9. Scarf Ace says:

    luv the pic except for the zebra belt (dont like belts at all really).

  10. Fatemeh says:


    I’m in the camp that likes MGM. I like the fashion section, and I like that there are models without headscarves; this represents the Muslim community as it IS. I think that sisters who choose not to wear headscarves should be represented just as women who wear headscarves should be represented. I think that women who wear niqab should be included in this, too. Because much of the beauty of Islam lies in its diversity, in my opinion.

    I have a subscription to the magazine, and though some of the photographers, stylists, and makeup artists aren’t Muslim, all of those who write articles for the magazine or are profiled in the magazine are Muslim. I think it’s more important that the writers/interviewees are Muslim than freelancers behind the scenes.

    Aaminah, the editor is Ausma Khan, who is a Muslim. Do you have sources that show she isn’t?

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