Easy way to dress up your hijab

This is a very easy way to dress up your hijab a bit:

Just put on your underscarf, make an easy bun, with the end peeking out, and put any lace, see through or non solid scarf on top. You don’t have to use all different colors, use whatever colors you are wearing for a more put together look. Oh, and for neck coverage, use a turtleneck or yet another scarf 🙂

Would you wear this style?

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8 thoughts on “Easy way to dress up your hijab

  1. Mina says:

    Oh oh!!
    Love it, love it, love it
    Gonna give that a go today when i get home looks very easy to follow
    Shukrun habibti for the post:)

  2. jessyz says:

    It’s a bit over the top for me. But the general idea of using lace over a solid color is nice and I like doing it sometimes.

  3. Celeritas says:

    Very cool, I love these instructional images and I have seen a video of this lady doing hijab style. Is there a video of doing this style?

  4. salma says:

    Salam alaikum,

    Do you thinkk you could send me some ideas for wedding abaya/galabia? I’m interested in cream with gold accents…I would really appraciate it.


  5. m says:

    this is what i was wearing today! except i used the solid hijab and the lace around my neck as well. and left the rest of the lace to dangle on the side 🙂
    i tried pick solid and brown lace… very nice
    also baby blue solid and brown lace
    white solid and black lace for a more professional look.
    it’s a look i use sometimes when i feel like putting a bit more effort.

    i’d just say to be careful with some combination, so not to make the look tacky..

  6. Sis says:

    No I would not use that style it does not cover the neck well. But the colours are nice.And its good for new hijab beginners.
    I also love hijabpins in all colours and shapes. I found some new small tack pins that can be used on hijabs to make them look more pretty, what do you think about them?
    have a look ( they have them in different colours) ;


  7. mikaela says:

    i like the style. but i don´t understand how to wear it anyway. i got problems with the blue one.

  8. mahar says:

    i wouldnt wear it like that , because , like her whole neck shows.well anyway , its a pretty nice way to put it on. but i prefer puttin the hijab on the way i always put it .


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