Asian hijabeeeees got style

They really do have an awesome hijab style. Here is the proof:

Aren’t they cute? Most of the pictures are from Indonesia, and I think some are from Malaysia. I adore their colorful style ❤

What do you think?

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35 thoughts on “Asian hijabeeeees got style

  1. I love how Malaysian and Indonesian hijabis dress. I like the way the hijab is wrapped, the style, and THE COLOR. Mashallah.

  2. Masha Allah! May Allah keep them! they have an amazing style and also they are trully cover!Masha Allah!

  3. I love the color! I’m a total color fanatic haha! Like usual, they make it look sooooo easy to wear the hijab scarf and meanwhile I’m still struggling to get mine to stay on my head haha! I was going to wear a lovely striped scarf the other day but the sun came out blazing like a fire and, due to my extremely hot pregnancy, I immediately became faint and started gasping. So off went my lovely scarf! One of these days it’ll be cool enough for me to wear scarves ~ either that or I’ll give birth and finally have my normal heat regulation back hahahaha! Whichever comes first… (I’ve just entered my 7th month and the baby is kicking like mad!! No wonder I’m so hot with this little beast moving around so much!)

  4. Muha says:

    I know the feeling. I struggled with hijab in my first and my third pregnancy… I wanted to throw the whole thing for a while there, but Alhamdulillah, i did not. Maybe it was because of all the puking.

  5. Habayeb says:

    im def gonna force my parents to take me to malaysia for a trip…i REALLY need to get my hands on sum of these cute hijabs n outfits!

  6. HijabChic says:

    i love their colorful clothes 🙂
    real cute!

  7. *~Ange~* says:

    all the malays and indos here in Australia wear that style. its so cute

  8. INAL says:

    Masha’Allah they are so beautiful!!! Love to go there some day…and soak it all up!

  9. umpazumparoo says:


  10. Jana says:

    Gorgeous, mashallah!

  11. Scarf Ace says:

    very cute! wish i could manage those styles…

  12. suraya says:

    the 1st, 2nd and 3rd or maybe 7th pictures are definitely Malaysian style of wearing hijab. Please note the style and material.

  13. Vivine says:

    Suraya, the 1st picture is trully Indonesian. She’s Annisa Trihapsari, an acctress

  14. ayu from indonesia says:

    number 1, 5, 7 and 9 are from indonesia, some of them are actreess

  15. Mimi says:

    The last one is Indonesian, her name’s Della Puspita, an actreess

  16. @bid@ says:

    M@$h@ll@h, b3@utyful @nd nyc $tyl!$h h!j@3$

  17. hanane says:

    thanks for the blog

    grazie per questo blog

    اتمنى ان اتعرف على السلمين من كل انحاء العالم

  18. shims says:

    the last girl, in bright pink and green hijab, is Malaysian.. her name is Ekin… she’s a fashionista hijabi! loveyyy her sooo much. u gals should see her wedding dresses, when she weds Mawi.. they even have this 1001 arabian night for their wedding reception.. soooo cute!

  19. soleha khan says:

    i just love all the hijabs they are awsume with awful colours..!

  20. soleha khan says:

    amazing colours and stlyes just loved them all!

  21. TanpaNama says:

    The last pic ( wearing pink colour) is from Malaysian. Her name is Ekin..TQ

  22. riska says:

    i like those hijabs. and i wear colourful dress too. but i heard that we, muslimah should not wear colourful dress or hijab. hmmftt…

  23. DD says:

    From left to right. Malaysian styles are no.3, maybe 7 and definitely the last, no,10. Indo and Malaysian hijabi style are slightly different from each other. Usually Indo wears theirs as no. 4. (the 3 sisters?) and Malaysian wears them like no.3 (the girls in the car).

    Just my two cents

  24. houriia from france says:

    ohhh they areeeeee soooooo cuuttte i like it

  25. aliah says:

    the last one ,in a blue and brown hijab is marshanda..indonesian actress..but,she is actually not wearing hijab..i’m so dissappointed because she looks gorgeous wearing them,maybe one day..hope so

  26. Choco Fountain says:

    u should search Irna La Perle site (i don’t know the address though :P) but she got some serious style when it comes for moslem’s wedding gowns

  27. Abu Taqi Mayestino says:

    AslkmW W

    SO HAPPY to see these pictures of my muslim sisters! 🙂 So happy. Showing that Islam is life itself. And is colorful. And is beautiful. And is beautifully obeying the golden rules of the Owner of The Universe, The Owner of you and me, in the most exquisite ways.

    W W W

    Abu Taqi Mayestino.

  28. diana says:

    Very good masha Allah..
    they are so cute..
    keep istiqomah..

  29. Intan says:

    they’re sooooooooooo cute! Indonesian and Malaysian Hijabers are having the same style i think… dont differentiate the style, we are muslimah, we are sisters… Salam from Indonesia.

  30. eman says:

    i like the styles u’v shown mashallah

  31. Elsa says:

    Yup, some of them are from Indonesia.
    they are really cute..

  32. marsha says:

    the girls in the car is my friends..they are malaysian’s tv personalities..normally malaysia wearing dat style.easier.from dat style we can generate atleast 3 or four from friend zuhairah (green) also come out with her own style.exactly the same style in the picture but using shawls..

  33. Feer says:

    Ya that’s the typical indonesian/malay style. It’s nice and fresh. I like!

  34. soney says:

    i think best style from indonesia. even malaysian went to indonesia for shopping their jilbab. we have many creative stylist here. we have huge muslimah outfit industry. probably you can googling it by use this keywords

    jilbab, kerudung.

  35. gilank says:

    thats so pretty dear..
    and i like your blog,, hijab really great !^^

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